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Technical Skills

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This is in continuation with my earlier article How to become Software Engineer ?

As of now, there are multiple technology related opportunities in India. For example :

Semiconductor , Automotive , Networking, Industrial, Aviation, Medical Electronics, Commercial Satellite, Robotics , Drone etc. One can identify particular area of interest .

Check some links related to various fields :

Basic Skills :

  • English Spoken/Written
  • Computer Literate
  • Presentation

Coding Skills

Coding is one of the most important skill required for good career. It can be acquired by anyone having basic skills mentioned above. Embedkari is enabling students from various background for coding. We keep doing FREE live session on regulator interval for Level 0(Beginners) coding skill. Please note that coding skills is not just programming language. You may check Which programming language I should learn first article.

Computer Architecture

It is difficult to become successful software engineer without knowledge of computer architecture. It is one of the key subject of Computer Engineering students and hence they get success easily in Technical domain. One can get benefited even from Arduino with correct approach. I had written Arduino Uno -An Engineering approach for this purpose.

Embedkari is providing foundation skills for multiple areas mentioned above.

Why one should opt for Embedkari training ?

Here are few tips for finding a suitable training for you :


One can find all contributors of Embedkari platform at About . Their contribution includes a variety of contents including articles , assignments , Quiz etc .

Training Mode

Embedkari has various modes including recorded, live , offline and combination of all. This has multiple benefits. Students don’t depend on the training schedule if they have capability to complete based on training material. No risk of missing live sessions as we keep repeating those and those used to be addon to recorded training material.


One can learn many things at Embedkari from INR 0 to Max(affordable) at that particular moment. Many students join Embedkari courses from 5k to 20k after spending 50k in other institutes.

Job Assistance

Industry jobs are always open for skilled people. Many companies are approaching Embedkari on regular basis for good candidates. We also provide hiring support to companies. We have mentioned companies at Testimonials where our students are working now.

Success stories

Embedkari students provide their feedback about course after getting placed . They provide it directly over email, through Linkedin or by commenting at website itself. One can read all at Testimonials.

Who should attend Embedkari courses ?

We have designed our courses in such a way that they meet requirements of college students as well as up to 20yrs experience working professionals.

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