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How to become a software developer ?

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This is in continuation with my last article Career counsellor in India. I know that currently many career counsellors use tools available for career guidance. These tools are totally based on individual existing skills and area of interest. Many students can’t afford fees for that but can spend time to find correct career path for them.

Let me share few mandatory skills which you can develop yourself.

Communication skills

If you are targeting Software development as career, Knowledge of written & spoken English will help you in getting good organization for sure. I had discussed earlier How to improve English ?


One must have good knowledge of mathematics specially number system including decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal, Logarithms, Algebra etc. I found many students struggling with hexadecimal number.

Digital Electronics

As we know that computer can decode only machine language. Machine language implementation depends on the particular CPU and defined by it’s architects. If you analyze Assembly language of any CPU, you will realize that those are actually implementation of various Arithmetic and Logical operations .

You can check Arithmetic and Logical operators for better clarity. You will find all your Gates, Inverters, Comparators in high level language like C.

Logical and Analytical ability

There are various ways to improve Logical and Analytical ability. But why don’t we start from the ALU itself? C is the only English like language after Assembly , which is closest to CPU.

C is being taught in Engineering colleges by default irrespective of branch. So why don’t we start building our logical ability with C questions ?

Here is one question based on queries submitted by my students in live class. I just wanted to teach them boundaries of concepts used in C.

Note : This particular code is just to test concepts and not as per recommended coding guidelines.

You may put your opinion in form given below or can simply comment as well.

Embedkari approach for Software developer

We are providing online(Live + Recorded videos) for strong foundation in software development. It includes following :

  • Assembly
  • C
  • Embedded C
  • C++
  • CPU, MCU, SoC
  • RTOS
  • Operating System
  • Linux
  • Competitive coding
  • Interview Preparation
  • PCB design
  • Mentorship for HR & Marketing

We have various courses starting from 200INR to 20K INR for skill upgradation.

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