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Technical Support

Email , Whatsapp and sync-up meetings

Course Completion Certificate 

It can be provided based on given assignment , tests and mock-up Interview

Job Assistance

 All our regular students will get Job related  material & support FREE

Companies where Embedkari students got hired

We just embed skills and mentor students for better job. There is a long list of companies where our students got hired. Some of them are Qualcomm, NxP, Silicon labs, HCL, Honeywell, AMD, Fujitsu, Valeo, Capgemini , Tata Elexi, Analog devices etc.


Networking -Ethernet Controller Course

“In a world where resources for conceptual knowledge of embedded is missing, Embedkari provides a nice platform to help you in your career in the embedded domain”       By Manish Kaul

“This course covers right from Hardware to the software, covering entire compute stack in a good detail. It helps you to understand a great deal about networking”  By Aditya

ARM Bare Metal Driver with Embedded C 

I would say this course is “Full stack ARM development” ,because this course helps you to build foundation for bare metal programming and also enlightens us with some basic hardware concepts along with assistance for software installations ,troubleshooting and online support.
Personally I have benefited a lot from this course by Embedkari .
I would recommend this course to beginners and intermediate level students. – By Adarsh Bhat

The courses are very easy to follow . The instructors and guides are responsive to the doubts raised. Highly appreciable and recommend to anyone who would want to enter into the embedded area. By Santhosh B

ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
The bare-metal programming with ARM is a perfect course for them who are planning their career in embedded domain. Many institutes offer 6 months training program in the embedded system but don’t teach you programming with ARM which is nowadays much required. Embedkari offers a perfect course which will help you to program any ARM-based microcontroller with good technical support (quick and instant support) with other courses like Embedded C and Embedded Job Test it’s easy to get a job. By Anup Kumar Singh
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
This is Prasad ,software engineer in automotive embedded domain .Bare metal programming with ARM .It is Very Good course intermediate or even advance level for embedded systems programming. I highly recommend this course for who wants to learn writing good quality, maintainable and portable code .The course provides a concentrated content in embedded software programming and how to efficiently access memory using pointers, bit manipulation, and bit fields, and how to efficiently utilize the memory by using data structures design and good hand experience in bare metal programming using ARM. embedKari offers a Embedded C and embedded job test it is easy to get a job .I would like to thank you  Mr sanjay for helping in resolving technical issue and searching for jobs .
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
I am D.NIHARIKA taken BARE-METAL PROGRAMMING COURSE USING ARM. I really enjoyed the lecturers which were very crisp and straight to the point and the support it was provided when we struct at any point at any time is the thing which drives the individual more to learn and I personally liked that feature the most, This course will give good concepts with neatly designed for clearing the basics and getting confidence for exploring more. Thanku.
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
This will be a great help for freshers. They need to buy one Board Either TIVA or STM as mentioned in the course and do all the labs. Within Two to Three month they will confident to clear interview related with Embedded domain. No need to spend several thousand on costly courses facing the challenges of staying at PG in this covid situation. Come to Banglore after Finishing your course if you are outside Bangalore. Sit at home Sleep nicely, Eat nicely and Enjoy this course with Good Broadband connection. Mrithyunjay Siv
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
If you are a graduate and willing to start the career in Embedded domain. Embedkari is one of the best for fresher as well as developer to brush-up the skills. This courses covers all fundamental topics. The best thing which I learned from Sanjay sir, he tried to help the students/Professionals in embedded domain with ARM bare metal driver and guiding us with Careerplus courses. Ravi Kiran
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
This Course is the most suitable course in three Criterial.
1 ) Content and Practical approaches.
2 ) Cost of This Course
3 ) Technical Support
I took this course although I have some prior knowledge on Micro-Controllers and bare metal programming But the content of this course is so organized and practical that after having this course. I can guarantee that You will not search any other online course. Teaching style is also very pragmatic. After completing this course you will defiantly 10 steps forward than a fresher.
I can assured you about the Quality of this course.
Thank you @Sanjay Sir & @Embedkari Team for making this amazing course. Vivek Yadav
ARM Bare-Metal Learning Experience
This is the excellent course for students as well as professionals. I highly recommend this course as a Compulsory Course for the Circuit Branch students of Engineering. Comprehensive and well explained concepts will help in proper understanding of the subject. I thank the Tutor and Mr Sanjay Adhikari Sir, for bringing out Core concepts to the interested students Community ! Sahana W

Embedded C with 8051 MCU

It was long gap for me and had lost touch of it. It is good for beginners. It covered most of the basic topics need for embedded systems.  Kaushik G

This Series is undoubtedly very helpful for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts ,as it is refresher for working professionals & provides good pointers for freshers. I would be glad to recommend these knowledge resources for Engineering students. Sameer Raichur

It was good doing the course in Embedkari. The video lectures are very good and detailed. Due to less time I was not able to complete it in a proper way.. – Third Year Student

Embedkari Experience
This is Digvijay Khambe, software engineer in embedded domain. After completing the Masters in electronics, I started my career as embedded software engineer. But while preparing the embedded system, I had quite a few doubts such as what is the right material, what are the key questions for interview, what is the current trend in market and so on. I was not able to get answers to these questions and one day I came across Embedkari on Facebook. I liked there posts a lot so I started following on YouTube and LinkedIn also. Because of Embedkari I am able to get the material related to my domain very easily. Also I am getting updated with current job opening and current key questions which helps me in interviews. Also I liked a lot personal support that they provide. Whenever I have any doubts I can directly ping or call them or I can get a mentor who is currently working in industry . There course are also up to date and comprehensive with content. Also I got the customized test according my needs. Because of Embedkari my knowledge and skills are improving rapidly which is helping me a lot in my professional life. I am very thankful for that.
Internship Experience
This is Adarsh Bhat, Engineering Student , Reva University. I still remember my initial days, when I had nothing but only interest for learning about embedded systems. I was constantly looking for opportunities on LinkedIn. I got internship opportunity at Embedkari Systems. I was offered the very first course, C FROM SCRATCH for improving my C language skills, in return I was given an opportunity to contribute embedkari with some task on – MATLAB. I did pretty well with that , so I was given my 2nd course BAREMETAL PROGRAMMING WITH ARM CORTEX M SERIES This was my all time favourite course, the course instructor is really cool & friendly .I got to know about lot of things (including some hardware concepts and digital electronics) which I was not even aware off. The best thing i liked about Embedkari training are: *Placement assistance from embedkari career plus kit. * Teaching from industry experts ( training even in hindi language). * Counseling provided for students to realise them about their strengths and weakness. The most important thing that embedkari has given me is CONFIDENCE to achieve more. Till date, it’s almost 2 months , but what I have gained in this period is limitless.

Technical Support and other courses 

Technical Support Experience
I am Kumar A Chaya (Also my other name is Chaya Kumar Gowda). I have completed my master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with the specialization in Embedded Systems in University of Texas at Arlington. After completing my degree, I started searching for the jobs in the Embedded domain. Also, in meanwhile, I started widening my network in the LinkedIn along with the search of the jobs in US. This is the time I got connected to Sanjay Adhikari who is the founder of Embedkari. I got introduced to Embedkari through him. It is a website where we can learn all the stuffs related to Embedded Systems. The courses on the website includes all the Embedded systems domain knowledge which is relevant to the current industry market. After few months I got an internship as an Embedded Engineer in Haxiot. In this company, I am the only Embedded Engineer, so I stared facing few difficulties with respect to technical aspects. It used to take lot of time realize my errors. So, I had to consult Mr. Sanjay to troubleshoot the errors he suggested to me take a technical support from Embedkari. It was extremely helpful for me whenever I used to face technical difficulties, I used to consult Mr. Sanjay, he used to correct my mistake based on his industry expertise. The motto of this technical support is to boost the confidence among the freshers. I would surely recommend Embedkari in whatever aspect your looking for may be in learning the new skills, in preparing for the interview or maybe in technical support. Embedkari is a unique platform where you can expect many things. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Sanjay for helping in resolving the technical issue.

Interview Preparation

Embedded Interview Preparation
  Anonymous Feedback
Embedkari is a good one stop solution for anyone who is looking to better equip themselves with the fundamental knowledge of embedded systems within limited time. The course covers almost all the interview questions related topics and concepts that final year students or graduates could expect during a embedded systems interview besides the general programming aptitude test. This course equally serves as a good knowledge base for embedded systems professionals. In a way, it helps them to test their current knowledge of the embedded systems and also provides them with a direction for upskilling for better growth and opportunities.


Embedded Interview Preparation
  Anonymous Feedback
Embedkari has provided a platform where students can learn and prepare about the basics as well the needed awareness about the job role of an embedded engineer in the industry. This platform has experienced people who are capable of guiding freshers to a definite direction for the path of an embedded engineer. This also serves to be a testing area for experienced as well where they can test their skills and hone more whenever needed to level up with the current industry trends and prepare for better opportunities.


Embedkari Experience
Embedkari is a very good platform in helping job aspirants get placed. There will be plenty of jobs posted daily for recent graduates, as well as, working professionals. Tests on this platform are helpful for both, Embedkari to provide referrals, and job applicant in job preparation. The courses are also well structured and quiz is to be taken after almost every topic. Embedkari team supports everyone who is keen on finding job. He is always in touch with candidates until they find a job. I faced difficulty in finding a job without having prior work experience and Embedkari team helped in finding my first job


Embedkari Experience
  Viraj Patil
I worked in the industry for 7+yrs. While looking for job switch , I was exploring something to refresh my coding skills. I came across Embedkari developer kit course. This course helped me to clear my basic fundamentals and with that I was even ended up having multiple offers from fortune 500 companies, which is the dream of many of us. I would recommend you to join Embedkari courses.


Email  sanjay@embedkari.com  or contact Support

Embedkari Experience
  Saurabh verma
I would like to thank you for your course. Your course was very helpful for any person who wants to create a good career in Embedded field. it covers very basics things also and you were always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I look forward to taking another course with you.


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  1. Hello Jobseekers,

    This is Ramesh Janagi
    I have completed my Graduation in the year of June-2019 with Aggregation CGPA of 7.28/10 in Electronics and Communication Stream, after graduating I have joined Embedded & Automotive course in “Skillfinity Bengalore” course training.

    1. During my Embedded course I have learned C,C++ and Embedded C, Even that course provides only 3 chance to attend interview for few organizarion and Obviously Got Rejected during interview due to lack of Embedded skills and Didnt recieved single offer almost 8 months when I have Graduated.

    2. I got a call from “HARMAN International Pvt Ltd ” and shortlisted for interview, finally joined as an Intern and worked with Software testing team(Work from Home), its little bit difficult for freshers to work from home bcz of having No hands on Experience in Specific Tools and They Removed me within 3 Months, Again im Unemployed due to the Pandemic.

    3. After that I have Contacted Mr. Sanjay Adhikari in Linkedin, I asked help regarding job search and recieved a call from sanjay He suggested an “Bare metal programming with ARM” course to Gain my Knowledge and Embedded Skills. Started Learning with ARM Board,

    4. Also Daily he will inform regarding openings in the Embedded and Automotive Domain, I recieved so many interview calls and Got placed in 2 Organizations offered by Embedari and its Team

    5. The motto of this technical Course is to boost the confidence among the freshers. I would surely recommend Embedkari in whatever aspect your looking for may be in learning the new skills, in preparing for the interview or maybe in technical support. Embedkari is a unique platform where you can expect many things. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Sanjay for helping in resolving the technical issue.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramesh Janagi

    1. Thanks a lot Dear Ramesh for such detail. I believe that it will help many students to take a better decision. I wish you all the best on behalf of Embedkari team. This is just beginning of your career and many mile-stones are on the way. Keep learning by doing practical.

  2. Embedkari is really helpful for any beginner or experienced folk, it helped me get back job after affected by Sevier covid condition..!! I am continuing and will get knowledge from embedkari for future betterment..!!

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback Subhash. Wish you all the best for future ! I appreciate your will power to fight with Covid as well as finding new job

  3. It is a good platform to help in getting job opportunities for me and develop my skills with the given course kit.
    This course helped me to brush up the basic fundamental knowledge and have good job offers.
    I would recommend joining the embedkari courses.
    Sohanpal Bansal

  4. I would like to thanks Sanjay Sir for his support and guidance during my job search. I was looking for a training to brush up my knowledge and acquire more knowledge on the Embedded System domain. Then I met with Sanjay sir. He suggested to purchase a course from Embedkari. I purchased it and start learning more about the Embedded System. This learning then helped me to crack multiple interviews and land to a good job offer. I am very thankful to Sanjay sir and entire Embedkari team for supporting me. I wish all the best to Embedkari.

  5. This is a very good learning platform where u can learn things from basics. It helped me in lots of different fields out of which one is bare-metal development. I don’t remember when i took the course but still if i have any doubt i will be always getting support from Sanjay Sir as well as from the entire community.

    I learned a lot from the course which helped me in improving my skills as well as getting better job opportunity.

    Thanks and Regards

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