Embedkari is aimed to provide a good quality technical education and solutions at low cost.  Our main focus will be to create a foundation for Industrial Automation, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Embed means to fix something firmly. Kari is used in Indian languages for Performing or Art or Knowledge. So Embedkari is used here as Art of Embedding Skills.

This includes important topics related to latest RISC-V architecture, ARM architecture, Embedded Linux, QEMU, Python,Jupyter Notebook etc and simple experiments with popular platforms Arduino, Node MCU(ESP8266) , RaspBerry Pi , NxP i.MX RT1050 etc


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Learn Arduino Uno

ARM Architecture

RISC Architecture

Learn C

Learn Python



Machine Learning


If you are new to Embedded System , Have a look at Embedded Career

and   How to learn Embedded with NxP devices ?

You may  find interesting topics at HowTo Technical Aspects of IoT Device Drivers

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Embedded Job Guidelines – Low Cost Product

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