Embedkari is aimed to provide a good quality technical education and solutions at low cost.  Our main focus is to create a foundation for Industrial Automation, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Embed means to fix something firmly. Kari is used in Indian languages for Performing or Art or Knowledge. So Embedkari is used here as Art of Embedding Skills. We are also providing hiring support to various companies.

Here a list of contributors for  the foundation stones of Embedkari platform. Contributions include Articles, Feedback and networking. Embedkari thanks you for these valuable contributions !

Chief Mentor Dr R.S. Rana
University of Cambridge (Technology management: Research and Industries)
IIT, Kharagpur (Fuzzy Logic Decision Making) , IIT , Delhi (PhD in Applied electronics )

Freelance Professional; Self-employed Consultant; Formerly with A*STAR/NUS Singapore & CUHK/NS HongKong, IJMOT(USA); Founder: Centre for Higher Education and Training(CHET) , Licensed Recruiter Singapore , and certified Yoga instructor
Experienced in semiconductor R&D; Teaching& management skills; Counseling & consultancy

Worked for world leading industries, universities , research institutes.
Senior Member: IEEE (USA) since 2002
Experience in product-specific designs (audio, healthcare, communications etc).
Have US patents ,IPs, copyright, numerous publications

Sanjay Kumar Adhikari ,   B.Sc, Kumaon University, Nainital, B.Tech (CSE) G.B.P.U.A.T, Pantnagar Worked in Motorola, Freescale and NxP . RISC-V Foundation Member. 25+ years of experience in embedded system design and support.

Pranjal Shrivastava

Aniruddha Kanehere

Monil Jethva

Aditi Bhatnagar

Jayvik Desai

 Shivani Mundra

 Nehal Adhikari     

 Adarsh Bhat

Harshal Wadhwa

Shreyash Adhikari

Abhinav Lal


Mohammed Ibrahim

Rupam Bhetwal

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