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How to start course or Quiz

It is the responsibility of user to read all the instructions carefully before starting course/Quiz :

1:  Check your email for any password link received from Embeddedcareer. 

Note – After password reset , login to

2: Following screen will appear after login

3: Click on My courses

4: Navigate to specific test and click

5: Click on course specific lesson

In this particular case , Click on Embedded_Queries


7: Attempt questions 

8: Finish the Quiz by clicking COMPLETE QUIZ

9: You should see following message

10: Make sure to click on Complete Lesson after completing the lesson. It may be required for some new lessons as prerequisite.

Here is video of accessing course after changing password . This Layout has been reduced , so you can find MyAccount and MyCourses  in Burger Icon Menu 


Interview Preparation Topics



If you still face any issue, Please   contact Support