User Account

How to start course or Quiz

It is the responsibility of user to read all the instructions carefully before starting course/Quiz :

1:  Make sure you log in with emailID to MyAccount .  If you are not registered user or didn’t get email from Embeddedcareer to change password , Register first here. We will contact you.

Note – After password reset , login to

2: Following screen will appear after login

3: Click on User Account -> My courses

4: Navigate to specific test and click

5: Click on course specific lesson

In this particular case , Click on Embedded_Queries


7: Attempt questions 

8: Finish the Quiz by clicking COMPLETE QUIZ

9: You should see following message

10: Make sure to click on Complete Lesson after completing the lesson. It may be required for some new lessons as prerequisite.

If you still face any issue, Please  download Embedkari course to start a purchased course  or contact Support