What are possible jobs related to Electronics in India ?

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“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

Career in R&D

In this article, I will discuss some specific career opportunities for Electronics domain students. I have also put links to earlier articles. Most of these articles were focused on R&D based jobs. 

The most lucrative job in Electronics is VLSI but semiconductor companies generally hire freshers from campus recruitment drive. This is limited to generally tier-1 engineering colleges. Other engineering graduates either opt for higher study or training institutes. 

Many students opt Embedded system design as career. That is again a vast domain and preference is given to excellent students. There are multiple opportunities with start-up or small companies but salary range is not that attractive due to competition.  

Are you not interested in R&D work ?

Personal interest is one of the most important aspect of any long term career. If someone is not keen in coding or hardware design , s/he can explore the career aligned with personal interest and/or strength . For example , If someone has excellent negotiation skills then sales can be better choice. If someone has good communication & presentation skills , marketing can be one of the option.  Here I am referring to Technical Sales and Technical Marketing where the electronics background can add value. Similarly Technical writing can be career option for content writing folks.

Let’s look at Technical Sales/Marketing option first. Where is the scope of such career in India. This is well known fact that almost all major semiconductor company has R&D center or at least sales & marketing office in India. For example : AMD, Intel , NxP,  QualCOMM, NVIDIA, Infineon , ST , Marvel, Broadcom , Microchip etc.  Similarly there are number of electronics distributors such as Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Future Electronics etc.

Why these semiconductor & electronics distribution companies in India ?  

There are R&D centers of many OEMs in India and major design decisions being taken here. This gives opportunity to semiconductor companies to work closely with customers. So technical sales & marketing is also one career option. You might have noticed job opportunities for FAE(Field Applications Engineers). This FAE job also can have two categories : One is related to Sales & Marketing and other working closely with R&D team.  

Current Market scenario

Some highlights of 2021

  • India’s first official beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) medical drone delivery experiment is scheduled to begin this week in Gauribidanur, some 80km from Bengaluru.
  • Global IoT spending to grow 24% in 2021, led by investments in IoT software and IoT security
  • NXP and Jio Platforms Collaborate to Enable Expanded 5G Use Cases in India
  • The state government of Gujarat has offered 1000 acres of land to Tesla. The state is trying its best to attract the electric vehicle brand to set its manufacturing plant there.
  • The PLI scheme for IT hardware, which was notified on March 3, 2021, provides an incentive of 1 to 4 per cent to eligible companies on net incremental sales over the base year of FY 2019-20 of goods under target segments that are manufactured in India for a period of four years (FY22 to FY25). The government on Thursday (1st july  said 14 companies, including Dell, Lava, Dixon, Wistron and Foxconn, have received approval under the Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for IT hardware.

Technical Marketing – Internship

How to get Embedded job ?

Embedded Career @ Make in India

Career in Embedded Systems

Embedded Learning


About Author – Sanjay Kumar Adhikari

•More than 28 years intensive IT experience in designing, developing and supporting various embedded designs in Telecom access networks.
*Implementation of embedded technical support, Hiring & Mentoring of embedded engineers.
•Over 10 yrs experience in handling an embedded-system support team as a Team Lead.
•Expertise in Design and Development of Linux Device drivers and Bare Board Device Drivers for various telecom/networking devices. Technical knowledge of interfaces like DDR, PCIe, SerDes, Ethernet, I2C etc
•Hands-on experience in Board Support Packages (BSPs) for PowerPC, ARM SoCs from Freescale.
•Enabled Trans-national(Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper etc ) and Indian (TATA, C-DOT, DRDO) clients to implement Freescale Networking SOCs.
•Supported all Major Networking (Cisco, Juniper, Aricent) clients in hardware and software troubleshooting on custom hardware. Help customers in porting Freescale device drivers to customer specific Operating Systems such as IOS , JUNOS, FreeBSD etc.
•Provided training to design engineers in using Freescale’s CodeWarrior and Linux BSP.
•Conducted training and demonstration of Freescale technologies in various public events such as Freescale Technology Forum, Design with Freescale etc. It includes 11 national level and five International level seminars

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