Embedkari is aimed to provide low cost technical education and solution for Embedded Systems.  Our main focus will be to create a foundation for Industrial Automation, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We also encourage younger generation towards latest technology.

This includes important topics related to latest RISC-V architecture, ARM architecture, Embedded Linux, QEMU, Python,Jupyter Notebook etc and simple experiments with popular platforms Arduino, Node MCU(ESP8266) , RaspBerry Pi , NxP i.MX RT1050 etc

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Most importantly , all these topics are worth  if these can add some value for better career opportunities. We regularly update Embedded Career related information at Facebook page Embedkari

CPU Performance Challenges , Parallel Computing and Computer Vision

This particular post is aimed to make some background related to Deep Learning  in edge computing, Computer Vision, AI etc.

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ARM – Advanced RISC Machines

This explains various concepts used in ARM architecture. It includes ARM ISA, ARM family, ARM Core, ARM Profile, ARM device 

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Programming with ARM @Cortex-M4 based STM32 Nucleo

This provides information related to ARM Cortex-M4 features , Modes, Registers etc. I have discussed importance of multiple stack pointers

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ARM Instruction Set Classification

This article discuss various ARM instruction sets including ARM, Thumb, Thumb-2 and latest nomenclature T32, A32, A64.  It also discuss

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ARM Peripheral Drivers@STM32

This article discuss the  software options available for ARM based micro-controllers.  The ecosystem  by different silicon vendors consists of Software

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