Embedkari is aimed to provide low cost technical education and solutions.  Our main focus will be to create a foundation for Industrial Automation, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This platform is also being used for knowledge sharing by students and professionals.

This includes important topics related to latest RISC-V architecture, ARM architecture, Embedded Linux, QEMU, Python,Jupyter Notebook etc and simple experiments with popular platforms Arduino, Node MCU(ESP8266) , RaspBerry Pi , NxP i.MX RT1050 etc

If you are new to Embedded System , Have a look at Embedded Career

You may  find interesting topics at HowTo Technical Aspects of IoT Device Drivers

An activity summary is available at README

There are Low Cost training packages  with password protection.  This is described at Low Cost Training Options.

Most importantly , all these topics are worth  if these can add some value for better career opportunities. We regularly update Embedded Career related information at Facebook page Embedkari

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