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In this particular article , I am discusing AI based Ecosystem stm32cube.AI . This includes the quick tour of installation procedure.

In my last article of Embedded Career , I tried to explain the role of Embedded in AI in a layman approach. Here  we can have further insight into that.

Why AI is required ?

Recently I came across one query in a forum ” Why we need AI ? What AI can do which human can’t ? ”  At a first glance, this seems a naive question. But being a computer professional , we should not forget the value of 0.

When I learned driving  using manual gears , I used to ask my trainer about different conditions when a particular gear was required. I was trying to adopt it in a digital fashion . Later I realized that it is more than just following straight rules.  After going through training  and learning from mistakes,  One can manage driving car.  However one can’t guarantee a safe journey due to various factors related to person behind the wheel and this leads to road accidents.

AI has capability to make a  vehicle  driver-less or self-driving or autonomous or robot vehicle.  Although human can drive a car but need a specific skill and experience.

What is AI ?

Lets try to understand AI with driver-less car.  As you know, the driver action depends mainly on sound , vision and brain. Now one can think of various activities related to these such as speech recognition, object detection , Image capture , Image processing etc  at first level where MCU can be used.

So if you are getting started in AI with embedded , You may work on one of the sound or vision related activity.

What is the relationship among AI, ML and DL  ? 

Machine Learning(ML) means   Machine learns itself . It is similar to learning by human based on experiences. In case of machine ,  this will be based on statistics and will be used for prediction.

Deep Learning(DL) passes a bulk of data through layered structure consists of different algorithms to simulate human brain. This can be used for Voice recognition , Image recognition etc .

AI Ecosystem from Semiconductor  Companies

NxP has AI and ML portfolio for Automotive, Industrial and IoT application.  I am going to look into ST related ecosystem as our focus is on STM32 cube family.

You may want to go through a quick tour of overall setup with STM32cube,AI .

I have posted one video at Artificial Intelligence@Edge

If you are planning to use this , Please visit STM32cubeAI Getting Started

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