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Career in Electronics

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If anyone looking for Electronics based career opportunities , this article can help.

On-campus placement

This is best option provided good companies visit your campus. You may read following article which highlights many points related to this.

Off-campus Placement

Many students need this option if they have limited options or career gap due to any reason.

What professionals at Linkedin recommend to an average students ?

How to prepare for Embedded system Job ?

Identify common key skills which can be learned with projects. C, UART, I2C, SPI, RTOS and Linux are sufficient for getting first job. You may learn IoT/CAN based on your interest after finishing key skills.

IT vs Core

I have seen multiple IT to Core migration and I believe that it will increase now. If someone with ECE background says that he was not aware of Embedded software even in second year , there is no mistake of that person. This is why I encourage students to join Linkedin ASAP.
I am sharing following statement from one ECE background person who is working in IT sector and being paid well.

“I wish to pursue this skill is because being Embedded Engineer is not easy and it is very unique skill when compared to software engineers. So, this is the unique skill which helps me to have edge on most of the software engineers “

Author : Sanjay Adhikari

Linkedin surveys are done in 2023 but we had designed online courses to meet such requirements in 2019 itself. This prediction was possible due to 25+ yrs experience only.

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