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This is in continuation of my earlier article Best Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore .

We shared multiple articles for Embedded career in past and shared various questions in the form Quiz.

In the industry, no one will bet on sick horse … So only a combined and continuous efforts can help in meeting target.

I am going to clarify few doubts today based on various courses given at Embedkari.

Most of the courses are self-paced online unless specified in the course itself. Here are few with whatsapp support and live sessions.

*Any course above 8K comes with 1 year whatsapp support and FREE entry to live sessions. There are many hands-on recorded sessions are available in this. We also do same in live sessions as well.

*Any course above 15K cover many personal or small group based live sessions. These courses address many topics which are even not given in content list. In some cases, we had to go upto basic electronics level such as pull-up, sink/source current , multiplexer etc. On the other hand , we can cover advance computer architecture and OS concepts under this.

I personally recommend following course to both students and working embedded professional.owing course to

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