How to start learning Embedded Systems ?

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I had discussed about Embedded system career in Is Embedded system a good career ?

Is it possible to learn Embedded system online and get placement ?

Yes. We shared many success stories in past. I am sharing one such success story in this article.

There are multiple benefits with online training. Let me put few points of Embedkari Developer Kit here :

  • Flexibility of completing the course
  • Live doubt clarification sessions
  • I worked for almost 26yrs in the industry and it is difficult to share all experience just through limited courses. So I keep taking live sessions on different topics.
  • One can save time and money with online course. If you try similar course in India through offline training, you may have to spend 50k to 2.5LPA , accommodation, travel expanses .etc.

When one can start learning for core Electronics based career ?

I had a detailed discussion on this with Embedkari school level teacher, who is Electronics engineering graduate and my student as well. Coding skills at school level starts from 3rd standard itself , but in different forms. There are Edtech companies who provide training on Robotics & Drone. These products are based on Embedded system only and used to create interest among kids.

I personally observed this with 10th standard students. Few of my mentees have started learning Robotics from 9th standard itself. We also have introduced one course for this purpose at school level.

We have another course for Engineering first year and anyone trying to learn coding.

Can someone learn Embedded system without studying Microprocessor/Microcontroller ?

Obviously answer is NO. Courses at school and beginner levels are for tinkering purpose.

Let me explain the learning steps based on following success story.

Phase 1 :

Exploring 8-bit Microcontroller with simulator or Arduino board . Embedded C will be required by default here.

Phase 2

Learning Bare-metal programming with ARM based evaluation board.

Phase 3

Learning C data structure and practice for competitive coding.

Phase 4

Working with RTOS concepts.

Phase 5

Working on Linux

Phase 6

Understanding of high speed interface devices

I have already done Embedded system training and looking for job now ?

If you have good embedded skills and you are based in India, you might have already got job. There is a shortage of good embedded engineers. Lakshay Negi got job offer even before completing degree. We have many success stories at Testimonials

If you are facing difficulty in getting job even after spending huge money in engineering and embedded system training, there is no harm in trying Embedkari Developer kit given below. You may drop a line to as well.

Here is the course which Lakshay Negi purchased and we also have premium version of this course.

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