Embedded System Developer Kit

8,000.00 Excl. GST

This a Unique Combination of Embedkari Courses at affordable cost . This is targeted as Zero to Hero  in Embedded system. One can purchase this in first year itself and  complete various phases along with academic schedule.

Where to find contents ? 

Just click on the  product names given below , It will take you to particular course content. In case of any doubt drop email to sanjay@embedkari.com with subject Embedded System Developer Kit .

Phase 1

Embedded C is mandatory requirement for Embedded Professionals. So this phase must be attended first and cleared with assigned work.

Learn C


Phase 2

This phase is to work on little bit Assembly and with simple 8-bit microcontrollers. This will help in understanding low level features of Embedded C



Phase 3  – Major Part (150+ Lessons)

This is our major phase with almost 150  recorded lessons and my doubt clearing sessions. High level Embedded C must be done in this phase and again all assigned work should be completed on time.



Phase 4

Linux is one of the important aspects in any Embedded System. This covers a well known Yocto for platform BSP creation.

Operating System

Phase 5


Note : You can opt for Embedded C++ instead of MATLAB here.


Phase 6

Ethernet Controller

Additional features to this Kit

    • Premium Support  with Live doubt clearing sessions on regular intervals
    • Live sessions for important topics
    • Most important enabling sections live doubt clarification in Hindi as well
    • Best performing student will be given opportunity with Embedkari or it’s clients

Resume Preparation

Internship Preparation

Students under this program will be provided guidelines for Internship.  Top performers can be provided internship with Embedkari or it’s clients.

This will be supported by Virtual Library for this course

Virtual Library -VL

It is good to have idea of various concepts in Embedded System Design .  This section has been created to fulfill that requirement. Here are few articles presently in the course. We will keep updating here. All articles and courses added in VL are for self study, We will not have technical support for VL .

    • PCB Concepts and Terminology
    • Networking Cables
    • Signal Encoding and Ethernet Packet

Getting Started with RTOS course – Recorded Lessons

Operating System – General

Fundamentals of Operating System
Computer System
Operating System Definition
Embedded System Resources
Booting an Operating System
Computer System V/S Embedded System

RTOS Concepts

Need of RTOS
RTOS Features
RTOS Types
RTOS Performance


FreeRTOS Introduction
Getting started with FreeRTOS
FreeRTOS Demo

Job Assistance on Whatsapp 

Fast Track Interview Preparation with Mock-up Interviews . It will have both direct and indirect opportunities in various companies across India. 

How to purchase ?

You can purchase directly from this payment link.


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