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Is Embedded system a good career ?

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I have written multiple articles on this topic earlier. This one is from a different approach.

If you are not aware of Embedded systems, check this link.

Who are learning Embedded Systems ?

Since Embedded system is based on computer architecture , it is being taught from 3rd standard till PhD in various forms. For example Robotics and IoT based training. Embedkari has also started this now.

After going through this article, you should be able to answer whether learning Embedded system is good for long term career or not.

Both Computer and Electronics Engineering students study many subjects whichare used in designing Embedded system. Lets look into some of the core subjects.

  • Microprocessor/Microcontroller : Most of the engineering colleges has Intel based architecture in the curriculum. It can be 8085/6 or 8051 . Many well known embedded training institutes in India also teach 8051. You can find more information about 8051 at this link.
  • Some Engineering colleges have included TI and RISC-V based devices as well.
  • Almost all engineering branches being taught C programming in first year.
  • CSE & ECE students study digital electronics as well.
  • CSE students focus more on computer architecture , compiler design, programming languages, operating system , networking etc. ECE students opt for MS to go through some of these topics again.
  • Level of programming skills in embedded system depends on the particular job. Embedded system developer can manage with minimal coding as well.

What are some well known companies prefer embedded system background folks ?

Embedded system journey starts with 8-bit MCUs like 8051 or AVR based , goes through various architectures such as ARM , RISC-V etc and can reach up to high performance multi-core devices from NxP, AMD, Intel etc. This journey includes computer architecture , programming language , RTOS, operating system, wired or wireless networking , security , Edge computing etc.

There are many top-level companies such as Apple, Amazon, AMD, BroadCOM, Honeywell, Infineon, NxP, Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, Silicon labs etc. You can find at some well known company names in this.

How much impact on Embedded system jobs by AI ?

AI is one of the major technology transformation and will impact every domain. It was one of the optional subject during my B.Tech in 1987-91 . I have seen technology shift from operator based telephones to IP phone. I worked in a complete networking SoC family starting from MPC860 to T2080.

We have to adjust ourselves with technology. AI can impact any routine task but we need to also consider cost. For example : There are fully operational Robots available for security purpose , how many you observed in your society ?

We used to have permanent IT folks for updating software in office, now everything is automatic even for personal laptop. When we refer to IT jobs , it includes a number of applications which require coding efforts. On the other hand, Embedded system is mainly for customized solution. Embedded system also has few areas which can be impacted by AI for sure. I can think of PCB design and testing.

Here is the outcome of survey done in Linkedin.

AI can generate code for Embedded system.

Will that not impact Embedded system?

Automatic code generation is not new in Embedded system . There are code generating tools for many years. For example Processor Expert, STM32CubeMx etc. Additionally, there are in-built libraries and open source based resources. This has in fact given opportunity to non-CSE and non-Electronics background professionals in Embedded system.

We should focus on foundation skills and try to identify major technical shift. Otherwise technologies are like leaves of tree and keep changing with season. I am sharing here news related to launch and discontinue of a popular Power architecture networking processor. It was launched in 2008 and not recommended after it’s life time of 15 years.

What is the advantage of technical based training

at school level ?

Technology enhance the creativity of kids. One can’t avoid English and Computer literacy irrespective of any domain. Computer based tools are being used in every domain including Art, Commerce, Medical , Agriculture etc.

Embedkari system has courses starting from scratch in Assembly, C, C++, Microcontroller, Networking, Robotics , IoT , Operating system Hardware design etc.



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