Embedded Systems Hiring and Retention

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This is in continuation of my article Hire a fresher .

Embedded system product based companies generally prefer min 1-2 yrs experienced candidate. I can think of few well known reasons for that :

  • Experienced person can provide output just in few days of joining
  • Experienced person can work independently
  • Experienced person used to have some understanding of both hardware and software
  • Understand the development eco-system
  • Properly document the work assigned
  • Can reduce Time to market
  • Can create reliable product

How Freshers can get job ?

Both start-up and MNC companies hire freshers as well because of following reasons :

  • Trained freshers can provide output at lower salary.
  • Freshers can be used for multiple tasks including hardware , software, testing and documentation
  • Many freshers can be good as compared to 2-3 years experienced folks.

How to find good freshers ?

We provide hiring support services. Here is one such service which includes training as well.

How to retain employees ?

This is another challenging task for employers. Here is one survey from Linkedin

As per above survey, voting is based on different priorities. I am sharing comment of Gaurav Gupta , Ph.D. which correctly put in different phases of life :

  1. Learning
  2. Earning
  3. Work Life balance
  4. Working environment

How can any company meet requirement of all phases together ?

This is challenging for start-up companies. I had discussed this in Career counsellor in India

Companies should come with some innovative ways to fulfil requirement of all categories we mentioned above. For example . Half day leave on Saturday or providing some perks for those who work on saturday.

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