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I discussed about How to restart a career after long gap ?

This particular article for anyone who is interested to work proactively for long term career. My article is based on my experience with companies in India.

Mandatory Skills

I consider following as mandatory skills for long term career irrespective of any branch :

  • Communication skills
  • Computer Literacy
  • Soft skills

What can be next technology boom in India ?

As per recent activities from Indian Government , there will be huge opportunities in Semiconductor and automation. There will be plenty of opportunities in the ecosystem to support semiconductor. It will also open door for many Make in India smart products.

There will be both technical and non-technical opportunities.

When one should start learning for industry ?

There seems to be no age boundary now due to Edtech companies. Although we started some activity for 11th standard students but we are getting queries from parents of 3rd standard as well.

In reality , skill development starts at young age itself. It is true for any domain.

How to get better job or career opportunities ?

Recently I came across one social media video “How to become Poor ? “. It has lot of views and shares. Why ? No one wants to be poor but it is important to know what are the various things stopping you to move ahead in career.

Here are few such points :

  • Many students and working professionals have created boundaries around them . For example: Not open for relocation, Open for remote job only , will work only in MNC etc.  This can be due to some personal issues as well. Still one can review it at regular interval.
  • Many students hate coding without even exploring it properly. At least CSE students should not hate coding if they get proper training. 
  • Always keep Plan B (Backup) for career. If you are preparing for Bank/Govt exams, there is no harm in spending 1-2 hr for your core domain as backup.
  • If someone has average academic performance, that person should work on soft skills. Many folks can reach career hights just based on soft skills.
  • If you are unable to understand a concept from one book, try other book and find use-case related to that concept.
  • Everyone must learn few skills without thinking twice. For example: Computer Basics, C programming and English .
  •   We have started premium courses to provide personal level training on both basic and advance level skills. If someone don’t know even XOR gate , Multiplexing, and gets confused with simple C pointer, Our premium course can help.
  • We have just started another job oriented course ..Technology teacher. It can help science background students and school teachers. 

Are you looking for some passive income option ?

Everyone can make some passive income from using his expertise. If you are looking for same, you can register to Embedkari for any opportunity in near future.


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