How to get embedded systems job as a fresher?

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Freshers, Your graduation / post graduation degrees were the main doses for career. If you are still not confident, there is no harm in getting a booster dose of skills. I will discuss below why it is important even for working folks.

I had discussed about the variety of freshers in my earlier post Embedded Jobs for freshers.

I used to get multiple queries related to embedded job from all kinds of freshers. In this article , I am going to provide few tips to students based on my experience.

What is your self rating ?

You can do a self check on following points considering each one as 1 mark. What is your score ?
It is not necessary to get 10/10 because you can’t change few things like career gap now but you can improve on other points.
1: Good Academic background
2: Good communication skills
3: Humble . This is important even after experience or getting multiple patents.
4: Proactive . This is key for success.
5: Experience in programming language not just in scripting
6: Aware of basic Electronics concepts
7: Good knowledge of Microprocessor
8: Worked on at least two unique projects with Industry level tools
9: No career gap
10: Ready to relocate anywhere in India
There are many experienced embedded folks in my connection. They can add additional points if I missed any.
If your score is 8 or above and still not getting job , You just need some mentorship to enter in the core industry.

Have you done any Embedded training ? Try following


Firmware Day 2023

This Quiz is based on Firmware day

1 / 24

What is your EmailID?

2 / 24

One can know the address of a global variable without running the MCU.

3 / 24

Some registers  of  CPU inside STM32 device are memory mapped .

4 / 24

There are 20 different 32 bit registers in one IP of MCU , what is the best way to represent them ?

5 / 24

Which data structure you will prefer to implement Undo operation ?

6 / 24

Which data structure you will prefer for CPU scheduling algorithm ?

7 / 24

What is the correct sequence of memory layout with STM32 from top to down ?

8 / 24

Main purpose of PLL in STM32 is :

9 / 24

STM32 MCU can't work without PLL.

10 / 24

'I' of LSI clock source in STM32 stands for :

11 / 24

Which one of the following is not STM32 clock source signal?

12 / 24

We can identify pin 1 of any MCU device from :

13 / 24

What signals  are mandatory between any MCU board with a simple I2C based module e.g. MPU6050?

Question Image

14 / 24

Provide feedback for Firmware day if you attended. If not, Will you prefer to attend the paid event ?

15 / 24

Where you did Embedded training ?

16 / 24

Watchdog provision to reset any MCU can be :

17 / 24

In case of a code hang, which action you will prefer ?

18 / 24

Number of breakpoints in any MCU depends on :

19 / 24

One can put breakpoint in :

20 / 24

Byte ordering is applicable to

21 / 24

One Liitle Endian host can communicate with Big Endian host because of :

22 / 24

Network byte order is

23 / 24

Following are features of ARM Cortex

24 / 24

Any feedback or interesting Interview Question you came during your interview ?

Your score is

Note: If you want repeat of the Firmware day session, share your linkedin URL in comment box.

Why Mentor is necessary ?

Everyone can’t do self rating based on the 10 points I suggested. I have come across many students who had potential to do better but they were not confident for job interview. On the other hand, one student started asking for referral within a week of joining our Embedded developer kit course.

So mentor can help here provided s/he has enough industry experience. Mentor can also provide pointer to improve both soft and hard skills.

Why one should take Embedded system training ?

“”Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.” Ralph Marston

One can always improve learning attitude.

I often see one common question in Quora ” Do I need engineering degree for technical job ? ”

We all know that engineering help in making strong foundation for technical career in particular domain. That is your main dose for career. One has to take it seriously. Many students don’t need any additional embedded training course for getting first job.

Do we need any course just to get a job ?

No . It is not true. If you don’t believe , read this till end. You will find many working folks took courses to refresh skills along with Embedkari community.

We all have dynamic memory which requires refresh cycle. There is no harm in refreshing it using courses. It has no side effect for sure.

Apart from getting job , another motivation for embedded training is to remain competitive.

Embedded training helps in understanding the industrial implementation of concepts learned during engineering. It also connects you with tools being used in the industry.

How to learn Embedded along with basic electronics ?

Here is our latest course on Embedded where we do live session for projects along with basic skills. It is available in local as well as remote mode.

“I’ll do it later”, is where you burry your dreams”
― Mac Duke The Strategist
Add some skills for next career milestone.

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