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Hiring Embedded Professionals

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This is in continuation of my previous article Embedded Jobs for Freshers

As we all know that there is shortage of good embedded firmware professionals in India. It is getting difficult to hire experienced folks for small/medium size companies. Many start-up companies are ready to provide competitive salary package and good working environment.

We recently advertised for Sr IoT firmware engineers and got only 32 applications. On the other hand the 1-2 yr experience hardware engineer requirement crossed 700 applications.

What is the solution ?

I think companies should start considering working professionals who are interested to enter in the firmware development field. I used to come across multiple such folks on regular basis. This includes contract based embedded professionals in hardware design/testing/Quality/support/IT. Most of these professionals are aware of the product development cycle and can do firmware development if they get proper training.

Companies may also consider diploma, M.Sc, MCA etc candidates for Embedded firmware role.

How to identify good candidates ?

I know that it is difficult to consider options mentioned in the solution but I noticed majority of such applications in all kind of embedded jobs. So we are providing hiring support service for identifying genuine candidates as per company budget.

Embedkari Hiring Support

Source of Candidate : Advertisement at Naukri or Linkedin  Job portal

If any doubt Contact using your company emailID for further information.

Screening of Candidate:  

High matched candidates will be validated with resume and/or online test. This list will be provided to client company. 

Interview Service :

This product includes 10 detailed interviews for the same JD. Clients can outsource first level screening. Client company can also share resumes received directly for first level screening. This can help in closing the requirement ASAP.  Balance interviews can be used within 6 month for similar profile.

We also have Hiring support premium product with 20 interviews option.

Why Embedkari Interview Service ?

Generally companies use 2-3 senior folks for interview process. It can impact important project schedule even for first level screening. Outsourcing of such task can be cost effective.

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