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This is in continuation of last article Embedded C with STM32

What is the difference between Embedded C and Desktop C ?
There is not much difference in terms of syntax but the major difference is mindset.
When we start learning desktop c, we don’t bother much about memory management.

The first program in Desktop C starts with printf(“Hello World”) but it is not that simple in Embedded C.

First program in Embedded C start with LED blinking.

If you ask some C programming person to define any variable for counting from 0 to 199 , s/he may immediately respond with int count; or short count ;

In Embedded C , we have to think like businessmen from day one for spending memory or I/O . We will try to manage with unsigned char AKA uint8_t . This is the simplest example I shared.

Is it tough to learn Embedded C ?

Not at all. I had similar feeling for learning PCB design because of my CSE background. Later I not only enjoyed but also enabled someone to start it as a passive income source.

We have created one day webinar to cover key points in Embedded. Following is the agenda but we can add some interesting topic in Embedded career slot.

Why I should learn Firmware ?

Firmware development job is in high demand post Covid19 . Good embedded software developers are getting better salary than IT service based jobs.


10am to 11am Embedded C refresher & tips

1: Pointer basics

2: Typedef and Structure

3: Structure Hands-on

11am -1 pm STM32 Overview

1: Development ecosystem

2: STM32 memory map

3: Linker

4: Verification of addresses

5: Debugging concepts

1PM -2PM break() ;

2pm -3:30pm STM32 Register level programming

3:30pm to 3:45 min break();

4pm -5pm Embedded Career

MCU to SoC

How to get better job ?

About Presenter :

Sanjay Adhikari : A Computer Engineering graduate who got stuck in Microcomputer

•More than 25 years intensive experience in designing, developing and supporting various embedded designs in Telecom access networks.
*Implementation of embedded technical support, Hiring & Mentoring of embedded engineers.
•Over 10 yrs experience in handling an embedded-system support team as a Team Lead.
•Expertise in Design and Development of Linux Device drivers and Bare Board Device Drivers for various telecom/networking devices. Technical knowledge of interfaces like DDR, PCIe, SerDes, Ethernet, I2C etc
•Hands-on experience in Board Support Packages (BSPs) for PowerPC, ARM SoCs from Freescale.
•Enabled Trans-national(Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper etc ) and Indian (TATA, C-DOT, DRDO) clients to implement Freescale Networking SOCs.
•Supported all Major Networking (Cisco, Juniper, Aricent) clients in hardware and software troubleshooting on custom hardware. Help customers in porting Freescale device drivers to customer specific Operating Systems such as IOS , JUNOS, FreeBSD etc.
•Provided training to design engineers in using Freescale’s CodeWarrior and Linux BSP.
•Conducted training and demonstration of Freescale technologies in various public events such as Freescale Technology Forum, Design with Freescale etc.

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