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Are you looking for Embedded freshers ?

This is in addition to my earlier article Hire a Fresher. We are enabling students for Embedded system job through online courses. We are also providing Hiring support to many companies.

Salary Budget

Hiring fresher is also not easy task. I am sharing my experience here for hiring managers.

  • Category A : Experienced Freshers , Does it feel odd ? But it is not a secret that many freshers who have acquired the required skills during engineering only. You can find one at Techday Winner. You can find many articles (IoT, RTOS, ML, SPI etc) written by students for Embedkari in past.

Such students target starting salary between 5-15 LPA , so keep budget accordingly. You will find them better than even many experienced folks.

  • Category B : Freshers without any career gap but in touch with basic electronics and C programming language. They expect salary between 3LPA -5LPA . Trained fresher or working professionals who are looking for a domain change , also target the same. You may also get half trained candidates in this category. For example : Only Arduino background but not good in C, Very good in C but no hands- with hardware. I have few candidates with good C but yet to start embedded projects.
  • Category C: Freshers with career gap and without any training , can agree with less than 3LPA as well . However in this case, it is important to check their interest. Few of them might be just trying it as an option and will switch the job whenever they get opportunity.

Why there is a shortage of Good Embedded Engineer ?

There is no fault from students in this for sure. You may find the reason behind this at my Quora posts.

Only industry people can solve this issue by providing better learning opportunities and salary packages to embedded aspirants. There are engineering colleges interested in such co-ordination but students need some job assurance.

If you are looking for any hiring support or live training option, Please drop a line to info@embedkari.com or contact using Embedkari . We can provide you best candidate from above categories within your budget.

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