How to get a good job in Embedded system ?

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What is good job ?

I have seen often students enter into first job without thinking much about job profile. Generally students target attractive salary and well known company. This is the general case and many others just follow these folks.

On the other hand , you may find few sincere and hard working students as well. They focus on the job profile based on their interest not based on company name or salary. They understand that path is tough but not impossible. Individual interest can be related to technical or non-technical. One must have passion for that . I still remember one of my ex-colleague known as MWRon. There is a blog , I met MWRON, dedicated to him when he left Freescale.

Where can I find good embedded jobs in India ?

We had posted a list of well known companies in our eMagzine last year. There are multiple job opportunities in India and we also provide interview service to many startup companies. This is part of our product named as Hiring Support. This interview service helped us to understand the expectations of both employers and employees. We have created multiple options for working embedded professionals to meet the expectations of not only startup companies but MNC as well. These courses are affordable and time saving, Following is the latest matrix of 2022

Embedkari members are now in almost all well known companies in India. You can read all testimonials from this link.

What are the courses from scratch to advance level ?

Embedded System Software

IoT Firmware Developer

Firmware Developer

How can I get discount in Embedkari job oriented courses ?

We are launching Embedkari awareness campaign till 31st Dec 2022. One can share about Embedkari articles, youtube videos and job oriented services in various platforms. We will provide discount upto 100% to eligible candidates as per following conditions:

1: Initially we have a provision of max 10 students

2: Students can refer to Embedkari in their contents on any platform. We will check with reference count to our website

3: It is for only Indian students now

4: Students must share this post in linkedin.

5: Final decision will be taken by Embedkari

6: Course duration will depend on the performance of students and can be upto 1 year.

7: If agree on above conditions, you are eligible to participate in this job oriented course competition.

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