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Embedded Systems Training In Bangalore

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Why embedded training is required even after degree ?

There are several factors behind this training requirement.

  • No provision to industry level education in the engineering college
  • Failed in getting any on-campus job
  • No on campus placement for core job
  • No educational background in electronics and microprocessor
  • Career gap due to Govt job or GATE preparation or any personal reason

Should I select off-line/on-line training ?

Category A:

If your academic performance was poor in past , off-line training can be good option for you. Poor academic performance can be due to multiple reasons including time management. Such students may require supervision and assignments based training.

We have Embedded system premium course to support this category.

Category B:

If you are average and hard working student , Hybrid training can be good option for you. This can be a mixture of live online and recorded sessions.

Category C:

If you are academically excellent , you may be able to manage even with recorded online courses with some support.

Do we need Job assistance also after training?

Category A students need job support at organization level. They often face difficulty in clearing interviews due to tough competition with other category students, So they may get simple testing or low cost start up jobs. Their struggle may continue for another 3-4 years.

Category B students can get average salary with proper job assistance. They may need another two years to get better salary. This duration can be four years for hardware design job.

Category C students should be able to get good job without much job assistance.

Which institutes are good for offline training ?

There are two popular institutes in India for off-line training : CDAC and Vector India. You can consider one of these If you can afford the fees , accommodation and travel cost. Make sure min 2Lakh budget and one year duration to get first proper development job. If you don’t get a good job from these institutes, you may have to prepare again for competition.

Embedkari has students who already took training in theses and many other institutes in India. They got better job opportunities after working in Embedkari environment.

How to reduce the training and time for job ?

Embedkari has created online training platform for not only college students but for experienced embedded professionals as well. These online courses are within 10K INR and one can invest another 4K INR in hardware boards . Since complete training is available online so completing that is in your control.

What kind of jobs we can get with Embedkari courses ?

Embedkari students got placed successfully in both start-up and MNC companies. You can read testimonials at this link.

Why one should pay for online course if everything is available FREE on internet ?

Most important factors are time, environment and competitive skills. We are discussing about job oriented courses so time is most critical factor. Students do self learning and get job also. However they take time to grow further due to lack of long term vision and competitive environment. Embedkari provides this due to a mixture of beginners and experts in the same class.

Does Embedkari provide discount to students ?

Yes, You can get discount based on following criteria:

  • If you find some interesting article at Embedkari website or Youtube channel, mention that in your post in any well known social media such as Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Medium etc. Send the link to with subject line as course discount.
  • Register free at embedkari job website and attempt this eligibility test.

Discount % will depend on the availability of seats , marks obtained and course.

Does Embedkari provide off-line training also ?

Embedkari is launching it’s first product oriented training for 2023. Students will be able to participate in live workshops both physically and virtually. This course is targeted for advance computing. It will cover both hardware and software aspects of next generation embedded programming.

Even if you feel zero now but has a fire inside to excel, you can be part of this new team.

I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.Mia Hamm

Which city in India is best for Embedded system training ?

This question is for you. You can answer in the comment box with supporting statement.

Try some FREE tests after registering to our job website. Feel free to add any question in comment box.

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