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“Why are you teaching 70’s 8051 core ? ” . I was asked this question by students as well as working professionals. But no one asked why are you teaching C and Linux.

Although I knew the answer but decided to do one survey for awareness.

You can observe that closed one is PIC based architecture but I believe that they voted as per end users not semiconductor companies. I deliberately kept ARM and AVR out of this competition. Otherwise ARM would be definitely the winner.


I can see some of the devices like 80c35, 80c48, 80c31/32, 80c51/52 etc at Intel Vintage

From Intel website

“In December 1977, Intel engineer John Wharton forgot his wallet and asked a friend to take him to lunch. The friend, manager Lionel Smith, said he had to attend a lunch meeting, but invited Wharton to join him. That free meal would lead one of the best-selling microcontroller series in the world, the  MCS-51. “

List of Semiconductor companies who adopted 8051 core

You can easily find this using Keil IDE

I am also putting GIF file but it may take time to load

You may also review devices from various well known semiconductor companies :

Analog Devices






Nordic Semiconductor



Are these devices still being used ?

Check new Avtaar(incarnation) of these devices at Nuvoton . Nuvoton has good sales & support in India.

How 8051 based course is helping in Embedded Developer Kit ?

80C51 is still being taught in many top level engineering colleges and training institutes in India. The main reason is it’s simple architecture and Assembly. One can understand many basic things like Address/Data bus multiplexing, internal/external memory model, ALU, General & Special purpose registers etc.

Here is our offering for Embedded C with 8051 :

Module1 : This covers mandatory C skills required to understand Embedded C . It starts from scratch

Module 2:

8051 core specific architecture, assembly and C practice

Module 3:

Industry importance of 8051 based devices and introduction to next learning path of ARM bare metal.

Here I strongly advise students to purchase at least Nucleo-STM32 board.

Q: You have provided multiple links to learn 8051 , so why anyone will purchase Embedkari 8051 course.

Ans: I have given small example of content quality on web in my earlier article How to Learn C?

I am not selling content here but sharing my experience since 1992, in the form of courses. It comes with cost because I know “No one give value to free stuff” .

How to Purchase ?

You may check Embedded C with 8051 for direct payment link.

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