How to learn C language online ?

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This is in continuation with my earlier post How to learn Embedded C online ?

This particular post is for how to learn C language online ?

I am conducting one live session for students or professionals. One can register to this program

by purchasing following course. I will discuss the key concepts of C such as structure and pointer. Following course has recorded videos for getting started . There will be C assignments for practice as well.

If you learned C but somehow didn’t like it, this can help. One can start C even if s/he don’t have any laptop or PC.

You must go through Which programming language I should learn ?

Interested folks can submit the form given below. We will have limited seats for this event so we prefer correct and complete information.

Target date and time will be informed to registered students.

Agenda : Getting started in C

If you are looking for personal level Embedded system training online or offline(Bangalore) , check the following :

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