Embedded System product design – Live session

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This particular post is for Embedkari students.
I am getting multiple queries for career. As I said earlier “Do whatever you love to do “. You know better about your interest and capability.

Don’t let others to take decision for your career. Here is one solution to get rid of unnecessary advice . If someone ask you to take turmeric latte(Haldi Doodh) as remedy for cough , ask politely to arrange the same. Just an example.

I don’t prefer to give any advice without facts. Let’s plan a brain storming session for coming Sunday (26th Mar). You can put your queries in advance in the form given below.

Our main topic for discussion will be related to challenges in designing Embedded system product. So question can be related to front-end(UI/UX), back-end, device selection, power budget, performance, testing, QA, production, job opportunities, career as individual contributor, management , sale & marketing etc.

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