How to learn Embedded C Online ?

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Money is just a way to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion. That becomes more true the higher the skill level gets. Eric S. Raymond

Trust me, it is my passion for teaching not the money. I got multiple job offer after leaving NxP and also partnership offer for education related business. I was even told to make courses beyond 25k INR only.

This year I realized that students are joining courses above 50k INR just to get a job. I strongly recommend students to get skills and there are multiple recruiters to arrange job. If job is the only criteria , no one will prepare for GATE/MS.

I had discussed the various methods to learn Embedded C in my earlier post How to Learn Embedded C Programming online

Embedded C is one of the key skill required to enter in the firmware job. I have seen many digital electronics background folks struggling with Embedded or normal C. I taught many such folks since 2018. Some of them not only learned C but also moved to next stage of competitive coding. I am sharing few tips to make it simpler for beginners.

Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill : Tony Buzan

1: Remember important ASCII numbers 0x20 (space) , 0x30 (next is 1), 0x40 (next is A), 0x60 (next is a)

2: Start writing 32 bit register values in the format 0xaaaa_bbbb

3: Use your digital skills to understand simple logical operators .

4: Try to understand overall C programming ecosystem and use your assembly skill

5: Test yourself on regular basis

6: You can even use this link without any formality of registration.

7: You can use KEIL Simulator to practice Embedded C concepts. We use this in both 8051 and ARM baremetal courses.

8: Go beyond 8051/AVR/ESP because majority of industry jobs are based on ARM architecture.

9: Purchase at least one ARM based STM32 platform

10: Start your journey now with a 90 day’s course from Embedkari.

“I’ll do it later”, is where you burry your dreams”
― Mac Duke The Strategist

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Sanjay Adhikari : A Computer Engineering graduate who got stuck in Microcomputer

•More than 25 years intensive experience in designing, developing and supporting various embedded designs in Telecom access networks.
*Implementation of embedded technical support, Hiring & Mentoring of embedded engineers.
•Over 10 yrs experience in handling an embedded-system support team as a Team Lead.
•Expertise in Design and Development of Linux Device drivers and Bare Board Device Drivers for various telecom/networking devices. Technical knowledge of interfaces like DDR, PCIe, SerDes, Ethernet, I2C etc
•Hands-on experience in Board Support Packages (BSPs) for PowerPC, ARM SoCs from Freescale.
•Enabled Trans-national(Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper etc ) and Indian (TATA, C-DOT, DRDO) clients to implement Freescale Networking SOCs.
•Supported all Major Networking (Cisco, Juniper, Aricent) clients in hardware and software troubleshooting on custom hardware. Help customers in porting Freescale device drivers to customer specific Operating Systems such as IOS , JUNOS, FreeBSD etc.
•Provided training to design engineers in using Freescale’s CodeWarrior and Linux BSP.
•Conducted training and demonstration of Freescale technologies in various public events such as Freescale Technology Forum, Design with Freescale etc.

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