How to improve programming skills – Test your C basics

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One can improve coding skills with practice and that practice can vary on your current level. This is one example for beginners in C programming language.

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C Skill Evaluation - Basic level

This test is for basic C skills

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What is your EmailID?

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Which of the following operations is not allowed in structures?

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Which of the following cannot be a member of a structure?

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What are the number of bytes in memory taken by the below structure
int main()
{ struct sample
int k;
char c;
return 0;

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String operation such as strcat(s, t), strcmp(s, t), strcpy(s, t) and strlen(s) rely upon?

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Which of the following function sets first n characters of a string to a given character?

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Where are the characters in string stored?

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void main()


char *str1 = "dog";

char str2[] = "dog";



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In char *s="hello"; what is being stored in the character pointer s?

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What is the scope of extern?

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What is the output of the code #include
int main()
typedef static int *m;
int n;
m a = &n;
printf("%d", *a);
return 0;

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What does an identifier's storage class define?

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%lf is used to display which of the follow?

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What is the output of this code? #include
int main()
char x = ‘a’;
printf(“%d”, x);
return 0;

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How do you define a value 5.31 in a variable ‘num’ where value cannot be modified?

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What is the size of float data type?

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Commands in C that can be used to control how we loop?

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Which of the following is/ are an example of iteration in C?

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Disassembly of executable file can be done using?

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Application entry point depends on?

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What is preprocessor director to add header file to existing C program?

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Which preprocessor directive can be used for already defined function?

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What is the keyword used to define macro in C?

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What is the output of C program with #define?
#define A 10
int main()
int a=10;
a = a*A;
return 0;

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Infinite loop can be terminated by which of the following?

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