Learn C


Course Contents

Learn the Tools   

IDE setup and working principle ,Programming Skills Development process, Keywords, Identifier, Operators

Programming Concepts

Preprocessors , Program Flow Control , Integer, Floating and Double Point Numbers, Functions and Storage class. Implementation Case Study

User Data and File Handling

String , User defined data types , Struct and File handling .

Data Structure and Algorithms – Recorded and Live Sessions

Array , Pointers, Linked lists etc

Weekend Live Sessions

Linked list
– implementation of linked list in C
– adding a node to a linked list
– deleting a node from a linked list
– Reversing a linked list

– Implementation of stacks in C
– checking a balanced parenthesis using stacks
– prefix to infix conversion
– evaluation of prefix infix notation

Doubly linked list
– implementation of doubly linked list in C

– Implementation of queue
– linked list implementation of queues

Binary Trees
– introduction to binary search trees
– implementation of BST in C
– Finding Min and Max elements in BST
– find the height of the BST
– Binary tree traversal ( inorder, preorder, Postorder, level order traversal)
– deleting a node from the BST

Embedded C

This will cover Embedded aspects of C with Simulator and  Hardware board  . We will have Live sessions as well  for practice.

How this training is going to help in my career ?

  • Learn Industry IDE
  • Professional level programming with lots of examples
  • Become expert in coding with  assignments  and Quizzes
  • Preparation for Internship/ Job Interviews


  • Diploma
  • Engineering Students


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