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This course provides important videos and tests for technical interview preparation. It has a mixture of Embedded C , Data structure , Basic Electronics and general Embedded questions with answers. Several videos to explain important concepts. This also provides information on important aspects of resume preparation and last moment tips to boost confidence. This is useful for both internship and job related interviews.


Course Contents  

Embedded Interview Preparation – Recorded/Live sessions

Note : Complete recorded  material (except coding practice session) will be available for max 7 days. This limitation is done to make sure students finish it within a time frame.  Doubt clarification for this will be arranged with weekend interview session.

Learn C 

Data Structure Interview Questions – Hands-on (1:30 hr) 

These questions will be based on

  • Array
  • Linked list
  • Stacks
  • Doubly linked list
  • Queue
  • Binary Trees

Embedded System

  • Embedded Career -23 Min
  • Skill Alignment -21 Min
  • Embedded Scope – Long term Career Plan -20 Min
  • Memory concepts – 30Min
    • Memory Layout
    • Register, Stack, Heap, Data Segment
    • linker script, map file
  • Debugging with and without  Hardware -1hr 20Mins

Campus/Off-Campus placement 

Embedded Systems Interview Preparation – 1hr 30Min

Generic Interview Tips , Resume Preparation – 35Min

Last Moment Tips for Interview -1hr 

Free Access for coding  practice:

  • Embedded Job Test – Multiple tests for practice –(Access for One Month)

How this training is going to help in my career ?

  • Increase possibility of getting Internship/Job
  • Planning for long term career in IoT, Robotics, Automotive, Industrial, Avionics , Embedded etc.


Read feedback about course at this link.

Add-ON Tutorial 

one can purchase the Linux Interview Preparation course along with this by paying Rs500 extra.

Linux- Interview Questions Course


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