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You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it. – Seymour Papert

In this upgrading technology world getting your dream job in the core companies is the most challenging one. Here are the answers to one of the most relevant question “why should I get placed into a core company?”. 

1. In this upgrading world money plays a major role in every one of us day to day lifestyle. core companies are focused on long term orientations such as provident fund, superannuation, company provided accommodation, leave travel allowances, a free medical facility for self and family, holiday packages, etc. If you add their cost along with the cash-in-hand, probably the overall remuneration would be more than most of the non-core sector jobs.

2. The core sector jobs provide a higher growth which can make you successful in your career field.

3. You can directly apply the learning which you have learned in your academics during your 4 years in the industry. So, joining a core sector will be in continuation with what you have studied in your academics.

4. There are various initiatives and policies of the government to grow the manufacturing sector. The National Manufacturing Policy to raise the share of the Manufacturing sector in national GDP from 16% to 25 % and to create 100 million additional jobs by 2022.

5. The core sector jobs provide you with great welfare. Apart from indirect welfare through CSR activities, the core sector creates much more jobs. It brings livelihood to a greater proportion of society and has a greater impact on society.

6. Many corporate based employees start their own start-up after sometime. Here is an example for it “Our chief mentor – Dr R.S. Rana University of Cambridge (Technology management: Research and Industries) IIT, Kharagpur (Fuzzy Logic Decision Making), IIT, Delhi (PhD in Applied electronics) a Freelance Professional; Self-employed Consultant; Formerly with A*STAR/NUS Singapore & CUHK/NS Hong Kong, IJMOT(USA); Founder: Centre for Higher Education and Training(CHET) , Licensed Recruiter Singapore , and certified Yoga instructor Experienced in semiconductor R&D; Teaching& management skills; Counselling & consultancy Worked for world leading industries, universities , research institutes. Senior Member: IEEE (USA) since 2002 Experience in product-specific designs (audio, healthcare, communications etc)”.

So, these are the above-mentioned answer which could help you to get clear about the question and makes you get more interest in getting into the core sector field. And here is another relevant question why am not getting placed in my dream core company?” yeah, many of you have this question right. Here are some answers to your questions.

1. It’s due to the lack of knowledge in the understanding of your basic core subjects which is initially very required to enter into your core sector.

2. Lack of handling the core engineering task, i.e., if you only know the basics of the various topics which come under your core sector then it will be quite easy for you to handle the core engineering field. 

3.Another reason is the lack of skill education, resplendent corruption, focus on rote-learning methods. Graduates are collecting their degrees despite not being skilled enough to be a productive part of the Indian economy. These are the various impacts why graduate is not entering into their core dream job.

Is there any scope of core jobs in Electronics in India? No Yes, you read it correct. There is no scope of core electronics if you are looking it just from short term gain perspective. If someone is not taking required action to grab the seat, there is no scope of IIT for that person. Same thing applies for ISRO, IISC, IIM etc. There is a scope of core Electronics, if you are determined to solve local problems.

We have companies working on medical devices, Bionic Arms, Electrical Vehicle, Aerospace, Commercial satellites, Defence, Smart City, Wireless, Mobile etc. Every semiconductor company has R&D office in India and there are plenty of VLSI based start-up.

What you need logical thinking, Programming skills, practice and most important patience. And here we wish to quote some words of our founder from his experiences, “am basically from CSE but moved to Embedded. I have done few things like PCB designing, soldering, schematic review etc. which normally CSE students will never do. I have seen VLSI, Embedded and pure software during my 25yrs career.

Based on my observation, Majority of ECE students struggle in confusion.

Here are few points:

1: VLSI is dream job of many ECE students. However, they don’t get good resources during Engineering and good companies hire mostly cream students from prestigious institutions. Now MNCs prefer Master degree.

2: Those who go for hardware design, they limit themselves to PCB design and hardware design only. Also demand in hardware was low due to manufacturing outside India.

3: Many students just prepare for IT because of campus visiting companies. So ideally, they have to learn out of syllabus and sometime without interest.

4: Some companies hire good Electronics students but don’t provide core job. They end up in testing & service kind of job. Sometime work as contractor only.

5: Many students are afraid of coding because they follow high level software development courses and beyond their background. For ex Java. Data structure & Algorithms related courses.

6: Embedded software is one domain which ECE students can manage by learning only few extra skills. It also requires good efforts and patience. Hardly a bunch of students work in this direction from the beginning.

7: Many ECE students spend years for Govt & GATE preparation.

8: Those who get chance in core field, they keep changing at frequent level for salary hike. Some of them end up to a cocktail resume.

9: I noticed the internship advertisement by many start-up-companies mention too many skills as requirement which is not possible at Engineering level.

10: Unfortunately, even after studying 70+ subjects and 10+ online certificates, ECE students don’t get motivation in terms of salary.

11: After getting education from highly qualified professors and global course, Students opt for some training institutes without knowing the background of instructor. Sometime such institutes assign teaching to old students who themselves failed to get embedded job. The outcome can be easily understood.”

So, don’t worry we are here to help you to make your dream come true.

And “what we do here?”. We Emedkari.com provide you with a good quality of technical education at an affordable cost of paying.

We mainly focus and help students to create a foundation in the basic core courses like Embedded C with 8051, ARM bare metal driver, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Networking, and Robotics. You can also go through our website Embedkari.com.

In the past 3 years, we had guided and helped many of our students to get placed in their dream core sector with a good package. We also provide you with a Course completion certificate, test assignments, and a mock-up interview too. So, that will greatly help you to get more confidence to achieve your dream job. We also provide you with a technical session interview.

Here are some of the testimonials of our students, 

Networking -Ethernet Controller Course 

In a world where resources for conceptual knowledge of embedded is missing, Embedkari provides a nice platform to help you in your career in the embedded domain” By Manish Kaul. 

This course covers right from Hardware to the software, covering the entire compute stack in good detail. It helps you to understand a great deal about networking” -By Aditya.

ARM Bare Metal Driver with Embedded C

 I would say this course is “Full-stack ARM development” because this course helps you to build the foundation for bare metal programming and also enlightens us with some basic hardware concepts along with assistance for software installations, troubleshooting, and online support. I have benefited a lot from this course by Embedkari.com. I would recommend this course to beginners and intermediate-level students. – By, Adarsh Bhat.

The courses are very easy to follow. The instructors and guides are responsive to the doubts raised. Highly appreciable and recommend to anyone who would want to enter into the embedded area-By, Santhosh

Embedded C with 8051 MCU

 It was a long gap for me and had lost touch with it. It is good for beginners. It covered most of the basic topics need for embedded systems. Kaushik G This Series is undoubtedly very helpful for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, as it is a refresher for working professionals & provides good pointers for freshers. I would be glad to recommend these knowledge resources for Engineering students-By, Sameer Raichur.

For further details , You may reach us by  Embedkari  

 Happy learning!


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