How to improve English ?

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I am sharing few simple but proven steps with local students.

Step 1: Select Language . Use chrome in Incognito mode.

Mobile view :

What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters: abcdef? Answer in the comment box.

Why we need to improve English ?

This is specific to Indian perspective. English is necessary for day to day communication in good companies. In some places , English can be only option to communicate with other person. ,

If you are applying for a job, this can be one weapon to compete with others. Key to win in any competition lies on all such skills. Here is the result of one survey done in Linkedin. It has clearly given priority to English as compared to Python.

If you are non-technical person. You just need English and computer literacy to get some earning.

Step 2 : Practice using this link

Step 3 : Watch Youtube videos related to career .

Step 4 : Purchase Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis

Step 5: Practice by writing articles.

Avoid combining many sentences together. Avoid using more than one AND in a sentence. Learn tenses and practice.

Step 6: Try to use both Email and phone for getting any support

Spoken English can be improved by discussing issues with various executives related to insurance companies, bank schemes etc. You can test your written English also with this. Other option is to participate in social media group discussion.

If you think that this article was helpful, Please share this in your network. If you are aware of better resources, feel free to add in comment box.

Step 7: English Newspaper, Magazines and serials can help in improving vocabulary

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