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Career in Electronics – Part 2

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In last article , I discussed about various Electronics based placement options. You may refer to following if missed.

Today I am discussing the dream destination of most of the Electronics based engineers in India. I have seen this desire in everyone irrespective of current domain. I am providing a list of well known companies here. Each of them has multiple third-party partners.

  1. Intel
  2. Qualcomm
  3. TI
  4. Broadcom
  6. ST
  7. Analog devices
  8. NxP
  9. Renesas
  10. Infineon
  11. On Semiconductor
  12. Micron
  13. Samsung
  14. AMD
  15. Global Foundaries
  16. Western Digital
  17. RAMBUS
  18. Toshiba
  19. Silicon Labs
  20. ARM
  21. Marvell

In addition to above one can get opportunities in Cadence, HCL, Wipro, Infosys etc.

One can find both VLSI and Embedded system based opportunities in these companies.

Additionally , there are other opportunities like Technical Documentation, Sales, Marketing, HR etc.

If I missed any company or any Acquisition/Merger, Feel free to comment.

Embedkari system is enabling many technical and non-technical folks for Semiconductor industry and this industry will continue to grow due to MakeInIndia initiative. We are already shortage of good Embedded system developers.

Why these companies are in India ?

There are multiple factors including cost saving in resources. They get talented folks in both technical and management. They have key customers R&D , who use silicon, based in India. Those key customers are in India due to huge demand of electronics based products in India. These companies are getting lot of support from Government. In fact, there is a tough competition among states for such companies.

Thanks for reading till end. Hope you found some useful information here.

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