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PCB design Interview Test

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PCB Design Interview Questions

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What is your EmailID?

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Which type vias are not visible from outside?

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Which test method is implemented by PCB manufacturers on PCBs before they leave factory?

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Which standards are followed for checking solderability, and conductor spacing?

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Which of the following test method is implemented by some of the advanced manufacturers to find out obstacles on etching or lamination?

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Which of following is the first stage of PCB designing

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MPN stands for ___

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all mounting holes are____ and___ .

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What is routing?

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Which IPC standard is associated with the designing of a PCB such as design, layout, materials, mechanical and physical properties, electrical properties?

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New format of gerber file is __.

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Why test for EMC?

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Which IPC sets up the acceptable criteria for the PCBs

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IPC has published the test methods for PCB boards under___

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The____ is the very first step of fabricating a PCB board?

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A PCB Gerber file is a __dimensional pictorial representation of each layer

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EMC stands for__

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Dedicated Service Electronics products falls under which class as per the IPC standards?

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Which layer of pcb is used to insulate the copper layer?

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If you are looking for Job,  How many years of experience you have ?

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The thickness of the copper layer on your PCB will depend on the _____ the PCB needs to withstand.

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What kind of DRC error you find in pcb design?

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Which of the following is used to connect different layers of pcb?

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What should be used in case of split plane?

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When we are speaking of different layered PCBs, we are referring to how many _________ layers they consist of?

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What is DRC?

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What is last step in pcb designing?

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Provide a brief note on most interesting analog hardware design you did ?

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