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While closing for 2022 , I recall my discussion with multiple embedded professionals :

  • Circuit designer
  • PCB designer
  • Hardware R&D level testing
  • Production level testing
  • QA
  • Software architect and developers
  • GUI, IoT integration experts
  • Firmware developers
  • Software testing

I also got a chance to discuss with multiple folks who were trying to do most of the above tasks alone. That is generally a reverse engineering kind of work. I had a strong feeling that if some of the above mentioned experts learn a little bit from other domain, they can get better career options in future.

For example : PCB designer can try to learn MCU basics and circuit design . Circuit designer can try to learn some basic firmware programming. Firmware developer can try to learn Operating system and advance protocols. Software engineer can try to understand some low level programming. I think plenty of such options are possible.

I concluded that such thing is only possible if we know what one working professional is missing due to any reason. We can come to know about such requirement only through one to one discussion and solution for the same with a practical approach. We are doing this with our new course Embedded Developer Kit – Premium .

Embedkari learning is always for long term career and we have proven record for the same.

Are you looking for such training option ? Avail 5k discount in Premium course till 31st Dec by filling the form given below or drop a line to info@embedkari.com :

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