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This is for embedded hardware design aspirants in India. If you are new to hardware design , you can have some idea from this link. This link provides information of hardware project done by engineering student. I had discussed embedded opportunities at this link.

Most of the hardware designing opportunities in start-up companies are from IoT domain. Students must understand that hardware design is not just PCB design or reverse engineering of any existing product. Existing products can always be used as a reference but new custom board design require more efforts.

How to get hardware design job ?

Hardware design is not easy task and a small mistake may impact the complete project schedule and sometime loss of opportunity itself. This is one of the reason for putting freshers in testing & maintenance job first. It is easy to fix a software mistake but it is relatively tough to fix hardware design mistakes.

You can expect a full stack Embedded system designer job opportunity only from startup companies. In small companies a single person does circuit design , PCB design, firmware development and board bring-up tasks. This overall exercise is good for 1-2yrs but in long run you have to focus on one domain only. I also got such opportunity in small companies through freelancing.

Which skills to focus for getting entry level hardware designer job ?

  • Digital and Analog electronics concepts
  • PCB design to understand the concepts
  • Model simulation
  • Power supply basics
  • Microcontroller
  • Embedded C basics. This helps in understanding MCU better and increase chance of employment. We have one very low cost Getting Started in C course for this purpose.

Where can I find entry level job opportunities in hardware design ?

Currently we have multiple hardware design opportunities in India . We had posted JDs in this platform:

  • Entry level with bond (Gurugram) : This requires knowledge of basic electronics, good academic background and learning attitude
  • Entry level (Bangalore) : This requires some experience in designing circuits . Exposure to RF circuit designing is preferred. Selected candidate will be given opportunity to do firmware programming as well.
  • 1-4 yrs working experience (Pune) : It requires experience in circuit designing and MCU baremetal programming.
  • 1-4 yrs working experience (Gurugram) : This requires exposure to Analog design and capability to do basic firmware development

Please note that above vacancies are with different product based companies on Jan 2023. However we can expect similar in future as well. So if you are interested in embedded hardware designing career, You can do FREE registration using following form.

We will provide access to following self-test to shortlisted candidates based on the job requirement at that particular time.


Embedded Hardware Designer - Level1 2023

Please read the question carefully and submit quiz within allocated time.

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What is your EmailID?

2 / 23

What signals  are mandatory between any MCU board with a simple I2C based module e.g. MPU6050?

Question Image

3 / 23

Which of the following consume low power ?

4 / 23

The Base- Emitter junction of NPN transistor will be forward biased only when

5 / 23

Which of the following are part of Embedded C memory layout ?

6 / 23

Consider the circuit shown where the breakdown voltage of the diode is 5V. Source voltage varies between 6V to 12V. Find the maximum current through the R2, given that R1=1kΩ and R2=5kΩ.

Question Image

7 / 23

CMRR of a differential amplifier stands for

8 / 23

What are the Univeral Gates ?

9 / 23

Which of the following are type Qualifiers ?

10 / 23

Provide a brief note on most interesting analog hardware design you did ?

11 / 23

Where you did Embedded training ?

12 / 23

If MCU based board is not booting , the issue can be due to

13 / 23

Why test for EMC?

14 / 23

New format of gerber file is __.

15 / 23

The____ is the very first step of fabricating a PCB board?

16 / 23

A PCB Gerber file is a __dimensional pictorial representation of each layer

17 / 23

EMC stands for__

18 / 23

Which layer of pcb is used to insulate the copper layer?

19 / 23

The thickness of the copper layer on your PCB will depend on the _____ the PCB needs to withstand.

20 / 23

What is DRC?

21 / 23

What is last step in pcb designing?

22 / 23

Any feedback or interesting Interview Question you came during your interview ?

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We can identify pin 1 of any MCU device from :

Your score is

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