How to get a better job in IoT ?

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This is in continuation with my last article How to find Good Embedded Job ?

In this article, I will try to explain other expectations. IoT is a vast area, so I am providing a roadmap for firmware and system level job opportunities.

Level 0

You can do a self-test by certain things before applying for job.

Avoid applying for Senior level IoT firmware jobs mentioned in this post if following things applied to you. These points are based on expectation from employer.

  • Not sure if unsigned char can be used for counting also
  • Can’t make difference between logical and bit-wise operators
  • Don’t understand schematic and datasheet
  • Never tried linked list
  • Never worked on ARM based device
  • Get confused with questions mentioning port
  • Never worked on wired/wireless communication protocols

If above conditions are applicable , you need to upgrade skills first. We have one proven online course for this EDK . We got many applications in past with experience in Arduino based integration , ESP8266 , Raspberry Pi etc. but no idea on firmware level programming.

Level 1

If any of the Level 0 condition doesn’t apply to you and you have minimum one year experience in ARM bare-metal programming and you are comfortable with C programming. You can take a quick test using Embedded C test . If you have experience in using device specific APIs e.g. HAL , worked in DMA, BLE, MQTT, NB-IoT, DMA, RTOS, software porting , cloud connectivity etc , you can consider it as Level1.

Level 2

If you have gone beyond Level1 and worked in various low & high speed protocols, Embedded linux environment. device security, bootloader etc. , you may consider yourself in Level 2.

Following are questions from one current (Dec 2022) opportunity at this link

  1. Are bootloaders, linker scripts, memfaults, registers, interrupts an integral part of your vocabulary?
  2. Are you the person who is passionate about dark deep C language secrets?
  3. Are you excited about how every device around us is getting connected and smarter?

If you are comfortable with some of the above three points , you may go ahead and apply for this opportunity. There are other key skills such as CAN, Embedded C/C++ , I2C, SPI, MQTT, BLE.RTOS etc already highlighted. Any experience in embedded linux and various kinds of file systems will be added advantage.

Level 3

After passing level 2, exposure to various real world problems is important. This level expects exposure to a variety of IoT specific protocols in terms of distance and energy. For example NFC, BLE , Zigbee, WiFi, LoRa, Ethernet etc.

This level professionals should be able to understand overall IoT architecture starting from sensor network to cloud level. They must be aware of important security aspects as well. They should have clear understanding of various booting options, file systems , system performance and debugging field related issues.


There is a good scope of UI/UX, Android OS and Java developers in IoT domain but we are focused on electronics background opportunities.

We have various job opportunities related to IoT domain. All these opportunities are with well established product based companies with professional working environment.

Industrial (Pune)

Power sector (Gurugram)

Agriculture (Bangalore)

Cloud platform (Bangalore)

If you have gone beyond Level 0 and exploring better job , send resume to You should provide information related to your salary expectations, notice period , preferred cities and reason for job change. We will provide JD to suitable candidates.

We have a well organized online course for IoT software developers :

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