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Embedded Systems Job in India

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This is in continuation of my earlier articles related to Embedded jobs in India. I have posted number of articles related to skillset required. Our eMagazine had a list of popular companies.

There are many engineering colleges where the focus is mainly on IT related jobs. There is lot of demand in eCommerce and cloud computing. That requires a different skillset depending on the job profile. It creates dilemma among core engineering students.

Start-up or small companies don’t pay good salary and some of them even don’t provide opportunity to upgrade the skills. This leads to high attrition rate.

Are you looking for a job change ?

If yes, you must make a checklist of important points given below

1: Current skillset

2: Skills required for targeted domain and gap analysis

3: Communication skills

4: Professional resume

5: Soft skills to improve the personality

Embedkari CareerPlus 60 days package

We are launching a 60-days package for Embedded job hunting. This package is kept as very reasonable price of Rs600 . It will cover following topics. I am really excited about this program where we are going to do continuous mentoring for 60 days. It will have videos related to Embedded Interview Questions , Data structure, Debugging , Resume preparation. We have kept cost very low so that majority of students or working professionals can participate.

Data Structure Interview Questions – (1:30 hr) 

These questions will be based on

  • Array
  • Linked list
  • Stacks
  • Doubly linked list
  • Queue
  • Binary Trees

Embedded System

  • Embedded Career -23 Min
  • Skill Alignment -21 Min
  • Embedded Scope – Long term Career Plan -20 Min
  • Memory concepts – 30Min
    • Memory Layout
    • Register, Stack, Heap, Data Segment
    • linker script, map file
  • Debugging with and without  Hardware -1hr 20Mins

Campus/Off-Campus placement 

Embedded Systems Interview Preparation – 1hr 30Min

Generic Interview Tips , Resume Preparation – 35Min

Last Moment Tips for Interview -1hr 

Free Access for coding  practice:

  • Embedded Job Test – Multiple tests for practice

How this training is going to help in my career ?

  • Increase possibility of getting Internship/Job
  • Planning for long term career in IoT, Robotics, Automotive, Industrial, Avionics , Embedded etc.


Read feedback about course at this link.

Add-ON Tutorial 

one can purchase the Linux Interview Preparation course along with this by paying Rs500 extra.

In case of any doubt, Send email to with subject – Embedded Interview Preparation in 60days

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