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Are you looking for Best Embedded Course (Online/Offline) ?  Passionate about engineering behind  Robots, Drones, Satellite, IoT , Networking , Automotive, AR/VR etc.  This article can help even design students.

Short term

Embedded background is helpful in multiple domains including non-Engineering professionals as well. So there are few popular platforms. Anyone can purchase these boards for gaining some technical skills. Even school kids used to work on these by referring to various Youtube channels. We also have both article and Youtube videos for these platforms.

The main objective here to understand various tools and use of modern electronics.



Raspberry PI

If you plan to purchase above Raspberry Pi board , You may need micro SD card reader as well. Both Raspberry Pi and this card reader can help you to gain important skills in UI, Linux, Networking, Python, ML etc. In fact you can use RPI as a mini computer and connect to your TV using HDMI cable.

There is one good combo offer as well



Long term

If you are looking for long term Embedded system career, then I don’t recommend to go for Arduino based programming first.  Generally students learn 8051 and 8086 in their academic courses. Some students even go for other ST, NxP, TI and Microchip boards.

Which Embedded Course I should join ?

If you have sufficient time & money budget , CDAC is one of the popular institute in India. However one can think to do even M.Tech from Nirma University (Ahmadabad) or some will known engineering colleges including RVCE, BMSCE, PES etc. They have good campus placement options. Please note that you have to spend first year for M.Tech and you will anyway get internship in second year.

If you are looking for job after engineering and ready to do hard work for at least one year, You can look into Embedkari online courses.  It may take 3 to 9 months for getting a job. Company and salary depends on your hard work during training. We have lot of demand for good students.

We have a well defined course for freshers with job assistance.  We are currently offering FREE  Operating System course with this course. You may reach us through contact form given below.

Embedded Fresher Kit


You can check with Embedkari team by submitting form given below for additional reference related to Kits/Course mentioned in this article. We occasionally provide up to 100% discount in many courses.



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