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I have seen various articles with title “Important Embedded Interview Questions” .  Let me share my opinion based on my experience in Embedded System recruitment.

When you generally start Interview Preparation ?

There can be two such cases :

  •  Fresher 
    • Campus  
    • Off-Campus
  • Experienced

Freshers require technical as well as soft skills. Their selection criteria depends on many factors such as academic performance , soft skills , learning ability and technical strength. There will be strong competition for good job profile and a minor mistake can be costly affair. 

    Many freshers unable to understand why they don’t get interview call. Some of them finally spend huge money just to make sure they get any job. This happens with majority of students who don’t work proactively or in right direction. 

In case of Experienced professionals , recruiter will have additional input of industry experience. It becomes more relevant with 5+yrs experienced folks. Their interview preparation requires more in-depth knowledge of targeted technical domain.

What are the most important questions for Interview ?

Please note that we are not discussing about academic level exams, so there is no need to hunt for important interview questions. Additionally , Now artificial intelligence based interview process is being adopted everywhere . So one must be prepared with new strategy , not the old style interview preparation techniques.

When should I prepare for Interview ?

If you are reading these lines, you are eligible to prepare for Interview. Yes , I meant it. It doesn’t matter whether you are in 10th grade or MS , you must work proactively for self development aligned with your academic curriculum. 

Don’t believe ?  Then why do you mention even your school level certificates in resume ?  

Is there no scope for core jobs in India ?

Do you believe on this ?  If yes, then you don’t know much about digital India. There is scope of everything in India provided you have the relevant skill. In fact , many companies are struggling to find good candidates. 

Embedded Career @ Make in India

Where can I find Interview Preparation Guidelines ?

Why should I purchase it from Embedkari ?

You may even think why one should purchase this if lot of information available FREE in the internet. You may have to take such decisions multiple times in life when you need to decide between Time and Money.  We believe time is costlier than money. If chances of getting job increase with the purchase of this course , you may get multiple times in return. 

It is difficult to find a unique combination of important videos , Tests , Technical and Generic guidelines by experienced folks at one place. There are many important tips which can help in boosting your confidence for interview and upgrade yourself.

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