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IoT (Internet of Things) is very interesting domain for various engineering professionals. This has become more important in current epidemic crisis.

What all possible career options with IoT?

There are multiple career options and IoT. Let us try to understand some fundamentals of IoT .

  • Data collection  – This is most important aspect of IoT and in fact for  any technology such as ML where your decision making depends on data. This data can be small digital/analog signal from various natural conditions such as temperature , humidity , any gas etc . It can also involve image capture or video recording. 
  •  Data transfer – The data collected should be transferred to database at local or remote server. This requires wired or wireless medium depending on application. In some cases data can be displayed at the collection point itself. The data transfer requires skills in networking and security. 
  • Data Processing –  This is the most important aspect of IoT . Data can be processed at the Edge (Nearest to point of data collection) or in the cloud. The selection of processing unit will depend on the amount of data to be processed.
  • UI – User Interface .  Majority of IoT applications require a provision for User Interface so that user can monitor the data and if require configure/control various parameters. Mobile Application can also be used for UI.

Based on above parameters we can conclude that IoT has scope for Database , Embedded Programming (Data Processing at Edge) , GPU programming(Cloud level handling) , Networking , Security , UI etc. In addition to that hardware design, Mechanical fitting and UX.  

  Additionally there is very good scope for Mobile application , Web based design and server-client applications.

How can I learn IoT ?

IoT fundamentals can be created at school level itself under supervision of some mentor/teacher. One of the economical option to start with Node MCU and Blynk board . This is first step towards IoT.

You can purchase Blynk board from :

You can purchase MCU from link given below :

You can also order following to start a minilab at home itself :

Here is another good option

Which course is most suitable for IoT ?

We have created a balanced and affordable course to cover various aspects of IoT and ML .This covers MCU , database , client-server , Networking , Protocols etc with proper Demo for each of these important topics. You can find the contents at Embedded, IoT and ML link.

We also have one complete Embedded System training with specialization in IoT :

Embedded System Developer Kit – IoT

Jobs in IoT

There are many well known companies such as Phillips , Honeywell, Cisco, Intel , Wipro , HCL , L&T etc. which provide job opportunities. It is difficult to mention all in this article. 

Apart from these companies,  There are several start-up companies which provide opportunities to freshers as well. There are many B2B IoT solution providers as well which are good to start Embedded career with IoT . 

For example : Knox Innovations is one such company that designs, develop and manufactures innovative IoT devices. 

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