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Courses after 12th

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Courses after 12th

“If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.” ― John C. Maxwell

This particular article is specially for important skills after 12th standard in India. There are multiple options at 12th standard itself. Let me start from my alma mater GBPUAT . It has following options :

It gives some idea about various options including Engineering, Agriculture, Science, Bio-tech, Veterinary, Fisheries, Home Science , Management .

Alma mater GBPUAT

It is a cool campus and largest in India. Following is taken from this . Currently it has 23 hostels with different capacity.

There are multiple other options after 12th. For example : BCA, Medical, Finance, Management, Hotel Management, Fashion design, Product design etc .

Common skills required for everyone

How can I learn industry skills online ?

We will try to provide relevant information about various domains. It may include FREE resources, Paid Course options, Mentorship etc. This will be provided to registered candidates. Registration is FREE.

Last date of Registration : 30th June 2023

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