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This is specific to our Embedded System Developer Kit -Premium course . We received many queries regarding it’s features, so decided to write this post.

Coding skills

There are modules for assembly and C++ but main focus is on C. It has four levels :

  • Level 0 : It assumes that you have not written any C code or just study it as subject long time back.
  • Level 1 : It will cover desktop or normal C concepts for application development
  • Level 2: Embedded system concepts with practice
  • Level 3 : Competitive level coding targeting MNC jobs

One has to submit given assignments at each level before they get access for next.

Firmware Development

It has a sequence of live sessions to cover Microcontroller architecture , various interfaces , protocols along with projects. Main focus is on ARM architecture. It will cover following :

  • 8-bit Architecture
  • 32-bit architecture
  • RTOS

In near future , we will add 64-bit architecture for best performing candidates.

Operating System

It will cover boot loader , Device tree , Device driver and Linux kernel development. We already have Linux BSP development using Yocto.

High Speed Interfaces

We have done live session on Ethernet controller in past and also have training material for that. More information will be added for this in near future.

Basic Electronics

Various basic electronics concepts will be covered during the firmware development process. We have electronics based material in various lessons of this course.

Hardware access or offline session

Students based in Bangalore can book time slot for F2F discussion and practice on various hardware boards. Hardware material can vary from project to project. It can be any ARM based board (STM32, TI, NxP, Nuvoton) etc along with various sensors interface modules .

Will you provide IoT training ?

We have a provision of various modules along with foundation course discussed above. One can select particular option.

  • Firmware
  • IoT
  • Advance Embedded
  • Product design

How much time it will take ?

This program has provision of multiple live sessions every week along with combined live sessions with other developer kit students during weekend. All premium course students will have access to recorded videos of Embedded system developer kit videos as well, so it totally depends on efforts from individual student. It will also depend on existing knowledge of student . For example many students may pass coding level 1 in the beginning and start level 2 directly.

Three months time is sufficient to get prepared for entry level job. For good embedded profile , minimum 6 months efforts will be required.

Will you provide training Certificate ?

Embedkari is registered company with GST , so we are providing training certificates eligible candidates on request. So far majority of students got jobs based on skills only.

Let us know if you have any question or doubt on this :

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