Embedded Software Engineer @Bangaluru

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Minimum Qualification

Candidates who has completed B.E / M.Tech. / B.Tech. /M.Sc. / B.Sc.
Electronics & Communication, Computer Science , Instrumentation.

-> We are Looking for Candidates who are Enthusiastic, willing to learn, and
-> Willing to work Full time on the Projects Assigned.
-> Interested in Embedded Systems.
Skills Required:
-> Knowledge of Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems.
-> Knowledge of Functionality of Control Systems.
-> Knowledge of Embedded C is must, Python and QT are desirable.
-> Understanding of Hardware & its Components.
-> Knowledge of Documentation and its importance.
-> Knowledge of Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics.

Position 1: S/W Engg. –

Fresher or Experience for Raspberry PI programming, good C/Python skills.

Position 2. S/W Engg – 2+ Experience

Good C programming skills, Microcontroller, RTOS skills.

About Company

With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in special purpose electronic instrumentation  systems,  and control of physical parameters, like Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature ,Vibration etc. ; It has a reputation for quality, innovation in design and high levels of reliability in its products.

How to Apply

Your area of expertise lies in which of the following programming language(s)?

Please select the CPU Architecture with which you've worked before :

In which OS have you worked before?


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