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What should I learn before joining Engineering?

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“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
― Albert Einstein

As we know there are three mandatory subjects Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics for engineering. We have multiple applications around us based on these. So if you had poor or average performance on one of these subjects, Take a corrective action for that first.

The fourth important subject now is Computer Science. Those who study these in school level, they don’t face difficulty with computer. Almost every student might have gone through basic computer usage due to online classes. You should be able to use popular application softwares such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc and should be aware of your system information.

Here is an example of C Question from 12th standard lab :

Write a menu driven program to perform the following operations on strings without using built-in functions:
1)Find the length of a string
2)Compare two strings
3)Concatenate two strings

Another most important skill for all students irrespective of branch is related to English. If you have studied so far in regional language , You must work to improve your English.

If you are confident in all of the above, then you should discuss your learning plan with respective industry folks. I am giving example to my domain.

What Programming languages or skills should I learn before my btech (ECE) first year starts?

You need to learn basic computer architecture and C programming language before starting your journey in ECE. This will make sure that you are equally comptetitive to your classmates who had taken Computer Sc in 11-12th standard.

You can check the latest programming language index in Google search , to find C is still mostly used programming language. Never start with Python as starting language after 10th standard.

Generally ECE students go to either IT or Core . If you go to IT , then you need to learn Java. If you decide to go to core , learn C++ .

In case of core , if you decide VLSI path then Verilog , VHDL, System C etc will be on your learning path. Still C foundation will help.

If you decide to go for Embedded , then Embedded C should be first focus.

How to overcome language-learning barriers ?

This is one of the common problem in India. You can easily find plenty of articles for improving English . Here I am adding one method to improve your English while getting some insight into career as well.

We have used Google translator at our website. It can help upto certain level. You can try to read the concept in your own language and also in English. This is a faster approach as compared to copy & paste in language translator.

Here are some snapshots of topics given in the tagcloud. This one is from Jobs.

Here is another example of most popular topic IoT.

Here is another important information :

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