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I am writing this article based on the common problem related to internship programs in India. I will try to explain various issues associated with this.

Why we need to do Internship ?

When I did engineering during 1987-91 , there was one industry training mandatory. I did the same along with one of my friend in Delhi. I remember travelling daily from Shahdara to Vasant kunj by changing two buses. We got approval of around 9K , for our Network card used in that project, from university.

Nowadays students start doing same after first year itself. I think selection of internship is very important for getting job immediately after completion of degree.

The main purpose of internship is not just completing educational formality but to learn industry specific tools & technology tricks.

How to select an internship ?

Selection of internship must be based on the skills you are going to learn, not to make money. Internship must be aligned with your long term career goals. First study the foundation skills required in the industry for your target career. Then make a roadmap to achieve those through internships. You also need to calculate required time & financial budget to fulfil the same. I will recommend to refer few resumes of successful seniors in your domain. You can easily find such resumes or summary of skills in linkedin.

What should be avoided ?

  • Never do internship just for formality
  • Work proactively to complete project yourself
  • Avoid readymade projects because those would have been done for many other students as well

Why internship jobs are low paid ?

As we discussed above, the purpose of internship is to learn Industry tools & technology. Companies don’t get enough output from interns and in fact some time senior folks have to spend lot of time for enabling interns. Many companies consider only M.Tech and for min duration Six months. It is not possible to get any good output along with training in two months duration, so they have provision of 6months or more.

How Embedkari can help in Virtual Internship ?

Embedkari is online training and recruitment company , so we used to have limited options for internship. However we provide Virtual internship by combining various courses suitable for Embedded or IoT career.

Our latest offer is a combination of Three courses in just 3K. Following two courses will be provided along with this Internet of Things

What is the access period ?

Access to each of the above course will be 12 months from the day you start that particular course.

Is there any live session ?

We will have live doubt clarification session.

How this internship will help in my career ?

This internship will provide you foundation of following :

  • Electronics concepts with Arduino
  • IoT course required for Industry job related to ESP8266, ESP32, MQTT , WiFi , GSM etc
  • Hardware design concepts along with PCB design tool

Do I need to purchase hardware ?

Yes, but one can manage with min low cost hardware and can purchase online. We don’t provide hardware.

Will I get Internship Certificate ?


If you have any input or doubt related to this internship, You may contat via the form given below :


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