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Particular tool download link is embedded in Turquoise color. URL to important tools will be maintained here. Most of the tools mentioned here are FREE  unless there is a specific remark for student or evaluation version .

VirtualBox is for hosting different operating system virtual machines

Eclipse is the most popular IDE for Java,C,C++ and PHP. There are number of other software development IDE are based on this.  Here is the link.

PyCharm is the Python IDE used in Industry by professional developers

Arduino based boards can be programmed using Arduino IDE which also provides a very good collection of libraries.

RealTerm is the best Terminal Program to monitor serial,I2C,SPI,1-wire

PuTTY  terminal can be used for SSH,Telnet and Serial communication

Advance IP scanner is one of the good FREE tool to scan Network

Wireshark can be used to do a deep inspection of networking protocols.

Hex Editor is used to view and edit binary files. This is required some time to verify program op-code or data . The wxhexeditor  supports files up to 2^64 bytes and can be used in Windows,Linux & MacOS

SD-card formatting can be done by SD card Formatter.

SD card/USB drive Programming can be done by EthcherIt cam be installed in Windows,Linux and MacOS . Another option Rufus is good for USB drive programming in Windows OS.

Windows file Packing(compression) and um-packing can be done by open source tool 7zip .

Screen capturing, GIFF and recording can be done by ShareX

Libreoffice is open source tool for document,presentation etc. It supports   Windows,Linux,MacOS and Android

KitKAD can be used for PCB designing . One can also try other tools such as orcad or diptrace on trial basis .

ModelSIM  student edition can be used for VHDL/Verilog design

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