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As we know, the concept like Bitcoin is only possible with strict internet security concept like Block chain . Whole industry is worried about security pitfalls considering IoT deployment. I am sharing one publicly available  white paper from Motorola days. Security controller was inbuilt feature of most of the networking devices I worked with. The latest embedded system designs are based on various network and boot level security features. But I never thought that I would receive Linkedin request from a 10th standard student who is passionate for security concepts and managing this with his regular study.

Please meet my youngest Linkedin friend Mr. Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi (The Cyber Enthusiast). Embedkari has no role in his achievement. We are sharing this just as inspiration for other students. We will be keep posting success stories of pathfinders.

Prabhjyot is the Founder and CEO of Cyber Bliss. He is a Class-XI student of Amity International School,Noida. Prabhjyot enjoys Computer programming.He is social person,who is eager to bring positive social change. He is highly motivated and love working towards Cyber Awareness, which he finds best way to communicate & connect medium with others. He loves Horse Riding, Cricket, Chess and enjoy playing Tabla too.

Here is a quick tour to his Linkedin profile



KUDOS TO Mr. Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi  and Congratulations to proud parents !





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