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Some of the common topics are listed here. For others, Please look at Menu

 Linux Getting Started:

MCU Tour :

 Python :

Note: There are many other useful blog topics  such as RISC-V ABI. Please look into particular category. There are articles to explain UART, ADC , Traffic Analyzer Wireshark, Embedded concepts like Motorola S record, ELF,DWARF, Cross-tool , QEMU etc

Embedded Beginners Level  Projects :

LED blinking :This particular blog post is for school kids and hobbyist interested in embedded domain. This will help in learning Arduino IDE , COM Port and First LED blinking project

C++ based Industry Project:

⦁ Ultrasonic Sensor: Basic knowledge of C++ is required to understand the program, Otherwise anyone can complete the steps here. This particular blog post is for students and hobbyist interested in c++ embedded use case and exploring different low cost projects.

WiFi/SIM :This setup is OK for basic communication with default program in ESP-01 module.

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