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This particular QUIZ has mixed questions . Click on the subject line.

This is a simple quiz with mixed embedded topics.

1. An SoC contains CPU, DDR Controller , L1 Cache, I2C, SPI, DMA and Ethernet Controller . Incoming traffic on Ethernet controller has to be passed from Ethernet Controller to Memory connected via DDR Controller. This should be done without using CPU cycles. The best approach to achieve this will require


2. If you have to halt CPU based on some data comparison using SWD/JTAG based debugger, You need to use


3. Select the the item not relevant with others in following


4. I2C BUS supports multiple address recognition


5. DDR controller is inialized in a Embedded system running linux by :


6. Following registers in an SoC can’t be memory mapped


7. Put   Cache, Flash, DDR, SDRAM in increasing order of speed. First device must be slowest one and last the fastest one.


8. In Ethernet Controller , MAC communicates with PHY using :


9. The UART section responsible for bit-rate of any MCU is called


10. I2C is a uni-directional two wire bus


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