Linux- Interview Questions Course FAQ


Basic Understanding of Operating System

What is covered in this course ?

This Course involves all basic and Advance questions with  answers about Embedded-OS/General –OS (Linux Specific)

Operating System Middle Layer Services (IPC, SMDB (Shared Memory Data Base), Semaphore, Mutex)

Thread /Process Creation and synchronization

RTOS And Linux Comparison

Lesson 1– Basic Linux Questions & Answers
Lesson 2– Memory specific Questions & Answers
Lesson 3– Processing – Process & Thread specific Questions & Answers
Lesson 4– IPC specific Questions & Answers
Lesson 5– Kernel Modules specific specific Questions & Answers
Lesson 6 – Practice Test

Is it useful for Software Development ?

It helps in understanding various  Operating concepts which are mandatory for both Linux based application  and driver development.

Do I need any hardware board for this training ?

Most of the questions are linux based which runs on normal desktop also. You can do linux based experiments on desktop as well.

How this training is going to help in my career ?

Linux is a vast topic and you may have to spend lot of time to learn all concepts.  Even if you install it and start learning from one side based on any text book or online material, You must have knowledge about important points to be covered. Here linux expert has prepared a list of selected questions with answers.

This can work as quick guide and self test.

How to buy this course ?

Important Note : We are offering few lessons FROM  our new Linux Fundamental Course under Beta. Those lessons include Yocto concepts and linux development setup. This offer is only for limited time.

If you know the  Purchase Process   , Please visit product Linux Interview  directly.

Contact us in case of any issue

About Teacher

This course is prepared by Embedkari Linux professionals . Major sections were discussed with Sanjay Adhikari who has working experience of various operating systems including MacOS, Linux, QNX etc

Linkedin URL Sanjay Adhikari

  •  More than 25 years intensive IT experience in designing, developing and supporting various embedded designs .
    •Expertise in Design and Development of Linux Device drivers and Bare Board Device Drivers for various telecom/networking devices. Technical knowledge of interfaces like DDR, PCIe, SerDes, Ethernet, I2C etc
    •Hands-on experience in Board Support Packages (BSPs) for PowerPC,ARM SoCs from Freescale(NxP)
    •Enabled Trans-national(Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper etc ) and Indian (TATA, C-DOT, DRDO) clients to implement Freescale Networking SOCs.
    •Supported all Major Networking (Cisco, Juniper, Aricent) clients in hardware and software troubleshooting on custom hardware. Help customers in porting Freescale device drivers to customer specific Operating Systems such as IOS , JUNOS, FreeBSD etc.
    •Conducted training and demonstration of Freescale technologies in various public events such as Freescale Technology Forum, Design with Freescale etc.

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