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Here are Links  to various Youtube videos/articles. Just click on the topic of your interest.  We will keep updating this article to point different learning concepts . Appreciate any feedback to improve.

How to Learn C  practically ? 

How I can practice AVR, ARM, Linux and other Embedded Questions for Interview ? 

How can I start learning RISC-V without purchasing development board ?

How RISC architecture differs in simple and advanced embedded processors ? 

How to know whether 8051 core based devices support I2C, SPI etc ? 

How to use Home Router to understand Embedded Linux Commands ?

How to do web scraping with Python ? 

How to choose sensor, processing device and network for IoT ?

How to getting start in Machine Learning ? 

How device driver is related to Operating System ?

How to setup serial port in virtual box ? 

How Computer Vision is  impacting Processor Road MAP ? 

How to Learn Linux Device driver coding ? 

How to identify a suitable career in Embedded ?

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